GeekWeek Contributors

Jenna Busch
Jenna Busch is attempting to take over the internet by writing for SCI FI Wire, JoBlo, Huffington Post, AOL's Popeater, Newsarama, UGO, IGN, Collider and Forces of Geek.  She's been a makeup artist (don't stand too close, or she'll glue something to you), actor and finally settled on writing, which allows her to work in her pajamas.

Rick Florino
Rick Florino is the word wizard behind highly acclaimed horror novel series, DOLOR. Something of an evil genius, he graduated Boston University at 19-years-old and founded full color glossy hard rock publication RUIN Magazine at 21. He also enjoys going to Disneyland.

Adam Freeman
Adam Freeman is a writer ("The Authority," "The Highwaymen," "Monster Attack Network") and the Executive Producer of "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" on A&E.

Cricket Lee
Cricket Lee - Editor-in-Chief, Host - A Fangirl's Guide. Actor, Musician, Writer, Host, Gamer, Smartass. Mess with me and I will f**k up your Christmas. ps my 360 > you.

Tyler Fredrickson
Tyler Fredrickson was a punter and placekicker for the California Golden Bears from 99-03 and then went on to play four years in the NFL with Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Washington & Oakland. He's currently in the Peter Stark Producing Program at the University of Southern California while working in film development. He also consumes Spielberg and Star Wars probably more than his allotted daily allowance should permit along with loving his 360. And wine. He drinks like a horse. Not really. (Yes, really.)

Emily Mollenkopf
Gamer, pop-culture connoisseur and expert link-clicker. 

Beth Schacter
Beth Schacter makes movies about what your teenage daughter is doing right now.  She does not play well with others.

Justin Shady
Justin Shady writes graphic novels, children's books, screenplays, and letters to his student loan provider begging for an extension. He also edited the national humor magazine “Tastes Like Chicken” for nearly a decade. To learn more (or, preferably, to hire him), visit him at The Blarg.

Tim Simmons
Tim Simmons would tell you the secrets of the universe, if he hadn't signed that NDA.

Ratpack Slim
Slam Poet.  Pop Culture Pundit.  Intercontinental Wordsmith.

Luke Thompson
Luke Y. Thompson is an actor in movies you probably haven't seen, a member of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and can cook a mean chili.  You can follow his doings (and undoings) at

Chris Ward
Chris Ward: Pac-Man Master, part-time lover. As seen in: Wizard Magazine's "Magic Words," Twisted Toyfare Theatre, Village Voice's "Game On" and Joystick Division, Performing Songwriter Magazine,, Geek Monthly and daily at He also writes comic books.

Mike Le
Mike Le is a writer/producer living in Los Angeles. He is also the creator of the webcomic DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR PARKING You can follow Mike Le on Twitter: @DFTVYP.

Benjamin Simpson
Benjamin Simpson is a 24-year-old human male, living and working in Los Angeles. Called by others "a self-professed polymath" and "a habitual liar," he owns far too many movies and comic books to ever sexually reproduce, and uses the word "literally" far too liberally.

Bryan Hill
Bryan Hill writes stories, takes pictures and makes music. He believes in beautiful women and revenge. As always, he asks you to drink responsibly.

Victor Ridaura
With an extensive background in marketing and advertising, Victor currently works in film development and is attending the Peter Stark Producing Program at the University Of Southern California. Victor is also an up-an-coming music video director, and an avid follower of the LA underground music scene.

Big Daddy Wolf
Big Daddy Wolf:  Zombie Hunter, Chainsaw Maniac, Biker, Cynic, Actor, Producer, Writer, Collector & Father who may become a responsible adult sometime before death ... maybe not.

Handsome Genius
"Handsome Genius" aka Anthony Kingdom James is a sarcastic loudmouth from Toronto, Canada. His weekly pop culture podcast, The Handsome Genius Club Radio Show, is available via iTunes or in streaming audio at His kung-fu is strong.

Steve Earnhart
Steve Earnhart plays bass and composes music for a living in Los Angeles by way of Berklee College of Music in Boston. He's written two critically-dug indie comics: The Villain and Hard-Bullied Comics (Featuring Billy Blackburn, P.I.), with more on the way. He enjoys high-end Tequila, Bourbon, soul music, old school rock n' roll, jazz, crime fiction of every kind, The Colts, Xbox 360, a good cigar, and his wife's coolness and culinary mastery. All of this vanishes before his daughter's cuteness.

This former New Line intern took his ball home and went back to Canada in hopes of starting his own company Closet Monster Productions, which specializes in quirky low-budget horror movies.

Eric Walkuski
Eric Walkuski is a journalist, editor, and critic. He lives in New York City and gets his kicks watching movies and sports.

Muse prefers to spend her time in the alternate realities of books, comic books and television - mostly television, which she eats and breathes and works in.

RD Lee
Currently residing in Knoxville,Tennessee with a strong passion for video games, professional wrestling and MMA. RD Lee can also be found writing for the World Wrestling Insanity and T4 Show websites. He is "The man who equals ratings."

Bryce Forester
Fresh off his stint at Michigan State University, where he graduated with an always useful degree in English, Bryce packed up and headed west to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of filmmaking. Upon arrival to the LA area Bryce landed his first job in the entertainment industry at New Line Cinema. In the meantime Bryce directed his first short film Matches and acted as Producer for the short film The Paranormalists.

Levi Alibi
GeekWeek's resident GQ geek who rented too many movies and watched way too much television as a kid.

Delgado does not like long walks on the beach. In fact, he prefers to read tech news while eating an entire pack of cheesy poofs. After filing his stomach full of 0gram transfat goodness, he does a killer podcast on everything nerdy; nerdcastONLINE. Google it, son.