Online Roulette Strategies: Do they work?

Online Roulette Strategies: Do they work?

The timeless game of roulette can be found at all the important land-based and online establishments. The European and American versions are the most popular, but there are plenty of games inspired by the classic, with the rules slightly tweaked. Regardless of the game of choice, punters have always tried to find a way to beat the house edge and roulette is no different.

Understanding the game mechanics is a simple and straightforward process that requires only a few minutes. However, to emerge victoriously in the long run, many players use advanced strategies, hoping to offset the proverbial house edge. The question that many are asking is whether online Roulette strategies work or if they simply provide the peace of mind needed by gamblers.

Progressive online roulette strategies

The Internet is full of roulette strategies that allegedly work, but none of them has proved its ability to offset the house edge in the long run. The most popular systems are the ones using a progressive strategy, with the positive and negative approaches being dominant. Arguably the best-known roulette system is the Martingale strategy, which is a negative progression system. It requires players to double the stakes after each lost bet while wagering on outside bets in a European roulette game.

The advantage of negative progression systems is that in theory, you can offset all your previous losses with one lucky winner. Similar strategies grant more flexibility and allow punters to bet smaller amounts rather than double the stakes, but they only offset a part of the loss. Unfortunately, these strategies pose a real threat to losing the entire bankroll or hitting the maximum accepted amount. These are both serious threats that explain why people are so reluctant to use the strategies.

The positive progression systems do the exact opposite and require players to increase the stakes after they win a bet. The amounts wagered represent a percentage of the previous best, rather than requiring punters to double the investment. In this case, the goal is to maximize your winnings during hot streaks, while keeping losses low during bad spells. This is a better approach for risk-averse punters, as they allow you to enjoy the games without taking huge chances.

Bankroll management and bonus hunting

There is no silver bullet to address the perpetual threat of the house edge and online Roulette strategies can’t work wonders. Instead, punters should use solid bankroll management and bet a tiny amount of the total budget they have for gambling. This allows them to weather the storm if things don’t go according to the plan and have enough resources left for when things improve.

Bonus hunting is another effective way to offset the house edge since you use money offered by the casino. Wagering requirements are in place to prevent punters from abusing this opportunity, but even if you play by the rules, you improve the odds of long-term success.

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