How Rick & Morty Transcended The Screen

Since appearing on screens in 2013, Rick and Morty has become one of the biggest animated shows on television. Audiences absolutely adored the absurd storylines featuring the grandpa and grandson duo of Rick and Morty. One is a crazy genius filled with flaws and the other is a nerdy pre-teen navigating the horrors of puberty.

Throughout the show, both Rick and Morty go on countless adventures with humorous moments that are dark, crass and absurd, whilst still having heartfelt and meaningful occasions that make the audience really think.

Despite the show standing strong for almost 10 years, Rick and Morty continues to remain popular even today. Ironically, the show is famous for being heavily inspired by pop culture and pays homage through countless references, but the show has become so famous that it’s arguably inspired mainstream culture in many ways.

No one could have predicted that an animated show from Adult Swim could have grown as big as Rick and Morty has. It’s safe to say that Rick and Morty has transcended the silver screen and expanded into multiple other areas.

Gaming legends

As Rick and Morty has become such a successful television show, the series has even found life within gaming. It all started with Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure in 2014 which was a simple point-and-click Flash game that perfectly carried the bizarre spirit of the series.

The series made its first video game cameo in Dota 2 in 2015 with the announcer replaced with lines spoken by Rick and Morty. One of the coolest cameos for the grandfather and grandson duo is the Fortnite skin. This is the biggest indication that Rick and Morty has hit the mainstream as they join one of the most popular video games out there.

Alongside Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure, there have also been two official games with Pocket Mortys and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. Both of these games were well received and continue to be loved amongst the fan community.

In addition to the video games, Rick and Morty also made a splash within the iGaming world leading to multiple Rick and Morty slots. Each of these games matched the bonkers aesthetic of the show with over 117,649 ways to win in Rick and Morty Megaways and 15 features in Rick and Morty Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.

Fashion idols

The gaming industry is not the only place to have been influenced by Rick and Morty. In a strange twist, the fashion world has completely adopted Rick and Morty with many different designers being influenced by the show.

American design company Teddy Fresh created a full fashion collection called TF x Rick and Morty which features a unique blend of the two together. In the collection, there are over 13 pieces varying from embroidered hoodies to patchwork sweatpants.

Many other designers and companies have collaborated with Rick and Morty to deliver branded merchandise and clothing. Spanish clothing retailer Bershka released a line of fashion items inspired by the show such as sandals, slippers, hoodies and t-shirts.

Even big names within the fashion industry have jumped on the Rick and Morty bandwagon such as Converse, Zavvi, Boohoo, H&M, Puma and Primark to name just a few. This does not even cover the amount of custom Rick and Morty fashion items that are available out there on sites like Redbubble and Etsy. There are easily thousands of clothing items influenced by Rick and Morty out there for fans to enjoy.

Culinary icons

One of the strangest areas that Rick and Morty has reached is definitely the culinary industry. The most famous collaboration between the food industry and Rick and Morty is easily the McDonald’s one.

After the show boasted about McDonald’s Szechuan sauce which had a limited release to promote Disney’s Mulan in 1998, many fans demanded that the chain bring it back. Naturally, McDonald’s obliged but only for a restricted release to special locations in the US. Sadly, this completely backfired as there was not enough sauce for the fans and even led to the police being called to certain locations. Despite this misfire from Mcdonald's, this just shows the crazy scope as to how many people Rick and Morty reached as this became global news.

There have been multiple other collaborations between Rick and Morty and the culinary industry with successful results. The television show has worked with Wendy’s multiple times to deliver special menu items and there was even a pop-up restaurant in the Wendy’s Panorama City location. This featured an immersive drive-thru experience with a 42-foot replica of Rick’s mouth and was even fully prepared for the huge amount of fans coming to visit.

Just like Rick and Morty’s influence on the clothing industry, there are many custom food items that fans of the show have created and released. One of the biggest examples is the famous Eyeholes cereal from the show that has actually been created as chocolate truffles and are available for purchase.

Rick and Morty is inescapable

There is literally no escaping Rick and Morty as the show is absolutely everywhere. When the show was released in 2013, no one could have predicted how big the show would become and that it would transcend the silver screen.

For years there have even been rumours of a live-action film or a feature-length animated film which could be the next logical step for the series. Fans of the series are currently looking forward to the sixth season that is due to premiere towards the end of 2022 which will lead to even more collaborations between Rick and Morty and big companies.

The popular television show has already transcended the silver screen, but there are no signs of stopping anytime soon. There is no escaping Rick and Morty and the best thing to do is just to embrace the brilliance and bonkers of the show.

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