Yuri Milner on Extraterrestrial Life and the Place of Humans in the Cosmos

A single layer of life is thriving on the planet Earth's surface, from microorganisms to trees and intelligent beings. This is currently the only scientifically proven form of life in the whole universe. Thinking beyond the light in the dark sky has motivated humans to wonder about the presence of life beyond our planet.


Yuri Milner and the Breakthrough Initiatives

Yuri Milner, a physicist, and technology investor is on a mission to explore space. Yuri Milner is also the author of the Eureka Manifesto, highlighting the responsibility we have to the universe as its inhabitants. Milner emphasizes the need to continue seeking more knowledge and exploring the universe, which may lead to benefits for mankind and evidence of extraterrestrial life. The Eureka Manifesto also elaborates that space exploration can reduce the possibility of humanity's extinction.


Yuri Milner has dedicated his life to projects such as Breakthrough Listen, a $100 million project on the hunt for life outside the planet Earth. The Breakthrough Initiatives are several space research and exploration programs aimed at discovering life beyond Earth. The initiatives include Breakthrough Listen, Breakthrough Message, Breakthrough Starshot, and Breakthrough Watch. These initiatives are the combined efforts of Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking.


Stephen Hawking, the famous cosmologist, and physicist predicted that intelligent alien life is powerful and that such advanced aliens may become migrants, aiming to invade and occupy any planet they could access. This was predicted by Hawking in an episode of the Discovery Channel's "Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking." 


The Eureka Manifesto

Yuri Milner shared thought-provoking insights about the survival of humanity in his book, Eureka Manifesto. He has explained in detail that humanity requires a collaborative mission to prevent future human extinction.


The book also enlightens us about Yuri Milner's mission to explore and understand the universe. The Eureka Manifesto discusses the "universal story," which is the study of the progression of life, the process of creation from energy and matter to structure and biological systems discovered by science. According to Milner, for the survival of humanity, we should work together as a species to prioritize scientific advancement so we are prepared to tackle any existential threats. 


The Eureka Manifesto also highlights the importance of acknowledgment of cosmic neighbors. Recent discoveries from the last twenty years have revealed many other planets and stars beyond the solar system. According to statistics, every star holds at least one planet, which may number in the billions in the galaxy alone. There are approximately a trillion galaxies in the universe. This means that several potential locations might be hospitable to humans. Exploration of these unchartered territories could be the key to finding a new home for us. 


Yuri Milner also believes that even if aliens are harmless to us and pose no threat to our survival, we would be naive to abandon our objectives of space exploration. He says no species is secure from annihilation, no matter how advanced, and no one is guaranteed to endure permanently in an unpredictable universe. The solution, according to him, is that it is essential and logical to invest in resources and build our expertise to expand out into space.

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