John Lasseter & Skydance Animation Secures Merchandising Deal with Spin Master

Skydance Animation, the studio responsible for films like The Adam Project and Top Gun: Maverick, recently announced a multi-year licensing deal with the team at Spin Master, an entertainment company known for its work on properties such as PAW Patrol. Two juggernauts in the entertainment industry, Skydance Animation, and Spin Master are agreeing to operate as the studio's master toy licensee, with their first focus on the Apple Original Film, Spellbound.


Merchandising and Apple Original Programming

Under the guidance of John Lasseter, Skydance Animation will be operating with Spin Master to develop a new line of quality toys, merchandise, vehicles, and products. Lasseter's name should be well known among animation fans thanks to his work directing projects such as Toy Story, A Bug's Life, and Toy Story 2.

Luis Fernandez, head of Skydance's consumer products, said, "We are thrilled to be partnering with a company like Spin Master that is as committed to quality and attention to detail as we are." Fernandez went on to say, "We could not imagine a better partner to bring our visually stunning and epic animated worlds to life."

Spin Master and Skydance Animation secured a multi-year deal to provide enchanting and fantastical toys for the marquee worlds created by John Lasseter and his team.

Chris Beardall of Spin Master said, "Spin Master strives to work with the best partners on long-term licenses, and we are honored to align with Skydance... We know that children around the world are going to fall in love with the magic of Spellbound."


Bringing the World of Spellbound to Life

First on the slate is the film Spellbound, directed by Vicky Jenson and starring Rachel Zegler (West Side Story). The animated film will feature Zegler as the voice of Princess Ellian in the new animated feature to be released by Apple Original Films. As Ellian, Zegler will portray a Princess on a quest to save her family, undo a terrible spell, and save the world of Lumbria forever. In addition to her work on Spellbound, Zegler will be found in the new D.C. comics superhero film Shazam! Fury of the Gods alongside Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu, and Zachary Levi.

Lauren Hynek wrote the film alongside Elizabeth Martin and Linda Woolverton with a score penned by Academy Award-winning Alan Menken.

Skydance Animation is steered by the former chief at Pixar, John Lasseter. Originally launching in 2017, Lasseter and Skydance Animation would drop Luck on Apple TV+ on August 5th. The animation studio would go on to release a short film titled Blush that secured accolades at the Tribeca Film Festival.


Behind the Scenes with John Lasseter

John Lasseter is among the most influential figures thanks to the success of Pixar Animation Studios. Combining cutting-edge technology and charming storytelling, Lasseter would help Toy Story to become one of the biggest animated hits of all time. Lasseter would pursue art as a student thanks to urging from his mother, eventually reading Sleeping Beauty (1938).

Before long, Lasseter was inspired to pursue a career in animation and this would lead him to the California Institute of the Arts. Upon graduation, Lasseter would begin working with Disney's animation studio, beginning his journey with work on The Fox and the Hound.

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