Why Budget A Ping Pong Table Into Your Office Space

Breaks are important in a workday — especially if you want your employees to be happy and productive.

Breaks can help employees process and remember information, reassess goals, prioritize, and cultivate healthier habits. It can also help make them more creative and productive.

It’s easy enough to provide breaks, but you can go the extra mile and improve break time for your employees even further. You can give employees break rooms with certain amenities like snack food and beverages such as coffee and tea. Plenty of employers go this route, but you can also consider a game room if you have the space and the budget.


Why a Game Room?

Game rooms provide plenty of benefits to employees and employers alike. These spaces can allow employees to decompress, destress, and work off the day’s frustrations. A dedicated game room can also allow employees to form and improve their workplace relationships, improving the overall culture and morale in the office.

Putting a game room in your workplace can improve your employees’ morale, leading to improved employee satisfaction, retention, and performance. It can help attract more potential employees, which is important if you’re a growing company seeking to hire new workers to handle new responsibilities.

Many companies have game rooms, but you don’t need to make yours anywhere near as large or full of amenities. A simple room with some seating, books, and a ping pong table will do.


But Why Should You Get a Ping Pong Table?

If you look at some companies’ game rooms, you’ll notice that many of them feature a ping pong table or two. There’s a reason for that — table tennis provides plenty of benefits for employees.

  • Ping pong is a great pick-up game playable by 1-4 people. Matches can be short to accommodate employees’ busy schedules.
  • These quick ping pong matches can provide a healthy outlet for stressed workers to decompress and relax.
  • The sport can help people get fit and stay fit. Ping pong provides plenty of physical benefits, such as improved reflexes, improved hand-eye coordination, better balance, and exercise. It can help break up long periods of sitting, and it can also burn plenty of calories.
  • There are many mental health benefits such as improved fast decision-making, more patience and discipline, better strategizing, improved focus, and more creativity.
  • Ping pong can help build and strengthen relationships, leading to better communication and collaboration.

There are many options available to suit any budget and any space. You can choose between:

  • Full-sized tables with all the bells and whistles
  • Mid-sized tables with sensible features
  • Affordable tables to suit your budget
  • Mini-sized tables to suit your space constraints

You can also choose between outdoor and indoor tables so you can set up wherever is most convenient for you.


Best Ping Pong Tables

Here’s a quick list of some of the best ping pong tables available that you can order online today. 


Joola Inside 25

The Joola Inside 25 is one of the most popular tables in the world. This table isn’t the most affordable, but its price is certainly well within reason. This 9 x 5 foot table has a 1-inch thick surface and comes already 90% pre-assembled. This results in a quick 10-minute setup time. The Inside can fold one side up if someone wants to play alone.

Joola Inside 25


Stiga Advantage Pro

The Stiga Advantage Pro is a 9 x 5 foot table with a 3/4-inch thick surface. This table is more affordable at nearly half the price of the Joola Inside 25. It also has a 10-minute setup time and the ability to fold one side up.

Stiga Advantage Pro


Joola Midsize

The Joola Midsize (indoor) table works better for smaller spaces, being it’s only 6 x 3 feet. It’s very lightweight and comes fully pre-assembled. It’s also extremely affordable, but cannot be folded up for solo play.

Joola Midsize


Stiga Space Saver Mini

Another choice for those with smaller spaces might be the Stiga Space Saver Mini, at only 5’11” x 3’4”. It comes fully pre-assembled and folds up for storage (but not for solo play). It’s also another extremely affordable table and is one of the most portable on this list.

Stiga Space Saver Mini

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