What Sets Boku Apart In iGaming?

With so many payment options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best to use. If you like to play real-money games then, at some point, you’ll have to make a deposit at a site. And you’ll be bombarded with payment providers, all claiming to be the best for you. 

So how do you know which one you should use? Today, we’re going to tell you all about a service called Boku. Which lets you use your mobile telephone number to make deposits at iGaming sites. 

We’re going to explain what exactly a Boku casino is. As well as how to use Boku casinos. And why you should consider choosing Boku pay over other payment providers the next time you visit an iGaming site. 

What is a Boku casino?

Simply put, a Boku casino is a real-money site that offers its players Boku as a preferred method of payment. 

In fact, with the popularity of Boku on the rise, more and more casino fans are turning to this platform as their preferred method of making deposits at real-money sites. Plus, Boku is especially good for mobile casino users. And many mobile-first casinos offer Boku to their players, as it’s quick, easy and secure. Plus, you can make deposits direct from your mobile phone or tablet. 

How to use Boku 

Boku is about as easy as it gets, when it comes to making deposits at a casino, or Boku slots sites. 

Simply select Boku as your preferred method of payment and select your deposit amount. Then, enter your mobile telephone number and wait for an SMS which will ask you to confirm the transaction. Finally, reply with a ‘Y’ to verify that the deposit amount is correct. And that’s it! Your deposit will appear in your casino account instantly. 

Also, depending on what type of mobile contract you have, the deposit amount will be either taken from your pay-as-you-go credit. Or added to your end-of-month bill. It really is that simple! 

Finally, players love Boku because it’s quick, easy and, most importantly, completely free to use. Plus, you don’t need other tools to use it; such as a bank account or debit card. So it’s especially popular with mobile users, who don’t have time to look for their card or open up other tabs on their phone. 

What sets Boku apart from other payment providers?

When you choose to use a Boku casino UK, you get all the convenience of the Boku service from your PC, laptop, tablet or phone. And players love the extra security that comes with using your mobile phone number. Because you don’t have to give out sensitive information, like you do when you use your debit card. 

Plus, unlike some payment providers, Boku is completely free to use. So, while e-wallets are extremely popular with iGamers, they come with some small fees attached. Whereas Boku won’t charge you for using their service. In fact, even the SMS you send to confirm your transaction is free! 

To sum up; Boku offers all the convenience of a debit card, without having to give out your details. Plus, all the security of an e-wallet, without having to open an additional account (or pay fees). Finally, Boku offers players anonymity online. As your bank won’t even know you’re making deposits, as everything is done via your mobile phone number. 

In conclusion, there’s a reason why you’ll find Boku at all the best real-money sites in the UK. It simply offers everything players could want from a deposit method. And it’s completely free and secure. 

So, we recommend selecting Boku the next time you want to deposit at an iGaming site in the UK.

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