Should I Play At Brand New Slots Sites? 

Gamblers can be creatures of habit when it comes to the slots they play. Most do spin new games, but they always have a favourite game to fall back on. However, when it comes to slot sites themselves, the habits of gamblers make for a more muddled picture. There are those who are satisfied to play at one casino brand only and this is not affected by long losing streaks. Then there are those who constantly jump ship when their luck runs out.

Bonus hunters join as many casinos as possible too, to take advantage of new player bonuses, and for these players, they have no qualms about joining a new slot site. However, your standard slot gambler is a member of several slot sites already and in this collection are some big brand names along with some smaller casinos. Most are satisfied with their lot but are still open to temptation should a new site have a certain game they can’t find anywhere else - check out Virgin Pay by Mobile Casino.

Refer a Friend

A clever tactic that casinos use is the Refer a Friend scheme, and this is a double-edged sword for them because it brings players to new slot sites, but most customers exploit this just for the rewards that usually come in the shape of free spins or cash bonuses that are shared between players. 

New Slot Sites: What to Look Out For

Whatever the reasons for joining slot sites, change can be a good thing, therefore it is always worth joining new slot sites. This is because they come loaded with new ideas, new games, and of course new player bonus offers. 

However, even before players consider registering at a new site, all the above should take second place to the essential requirements that are needed to be in place on a gambling platform. All new sites must be licensed and regulated by a professional gambling body. In the United Kingdom, it is the UK Gambling Commission, and they oversee the licensing and regulating of all forms of gambling and all gambling outlets in the country. 

A licensed venue will have player safety features set in place that help to protect customer funds and they will offer responsible gambling tools to all players as well. Unlicensed venues can play by their own rules and move the goalposts whenever they please, and they can continue to do this until they are reported and shut down. 

Customer Service

If a new slot site ticks all the right boxes when it comes to licensing, then customer service should be of a high standard as well. Customer services should be available 24/7 because slot players do not keep office hours. Gamblers spin the reels at any time and if a site malfunction occurs at midnight, it would be extremely frustrating to have to wait 24 or even 48 hours for an email response. New slot sites whether they are big or small, should have 24/7 phone or live chat support. 

Final Thoughts

If gamblers feel that their go-to casinos are not what they used to be, then swapping them for brand new slot sites can be a positive move, especially if these new casinos are armed with the games individuals love to play the most. Furthermore, if the casino is licensed, regulated and registered to operate legally, then potential customers can be reassured that they are joining a professional outfit.

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