From Finance To Finishing Touches - A Geeky Custom Build House

One of the best ways to get your own dream house is to build it. For geeks and their specific tastes, there’s an opportunity to create a home based around their most beloved fandoms. However, there’s a lot of planning that needs to go into building a home, especially with the market so inflated - according to Bloomberg, it really has never been more expensive to build a house. It follows that the first step is establishing your finances, and how you’ll bring the money up to fund the build.
Maximizing your cash flow
The housing market in America has been quite tumultuous in 2021. House prices have skyrocketed and, now, as they calm, interest and mortgage rates are rising. Reuters have tracked a 6-month mortgage rate high as a result, making the prospect of refinancing somewhat more foreboding than it perhaps should be. As mortgage industry veterans The Home Loan Expert highlights, the volatility is no reason to avoid refinancing or taking out a mortgage full stop. Instead, look to save where you can elsewhere in the process. Using online services is a good first step, as they often have lower fees. Look to minimize other discretionary costs, such as those involved with the conveyancing process.
Putting in the planning
An MSN roundup of some of the most common renovation and building mistakes all fall into one common theme - poor planning. If you don’t plan key elements of housebuilding properly, such as drainage, the location of supporting walls, airflow and doorways, you’ll end up with a property that causes more problems than it solves over the course of your tenancy. For a geeky house you might want to include spectacular features, whether that be high-tech devices reminiscent of the Batcave, or large displays and ornamentation to show off memorabilia. Make sure that the planning underneath is solid, and that the property can stand in its own right.
Using quality materials
There’s a huge supply chain shortage in the USA right now. According to the National Law Review, a huge 90% of builders have experienced materials shortages over the past year. In such an environment it can be easy to get ripped off - avoid this at all costs. It’s better to wait a little longer and ensure that you’ve procured top-quality materials, at a good price, than to pay the cheaper option and end up costing yourself more down the road. This can help you to achieve a techie, nerdy house, too - the best materials, including the materials used in your very walls, can help to create a tech-centric home that values connectivity and gadgetry.
The key to making a nerdy home is to make a well-built one. That can seem difficult in the backed-up and poorly supplied housing market. However, there is value to be found - the key is in being patient and planning your home layout thoroughly.
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