Why Free Spins Are Beloved By Slot Gamblers


Casino bonuses have always been and will always be a potent business strategy to attract patronage and expand the customer base of online casinos. This is why casinos keep offering them to online players in various forms and manner - play now.

These bonuses include welcome bonus, deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, reload bonus, VIP bonus, free spins, and so on. Amongst these various casino bonuses, free spins bonus is a very peculiar and common one.  

What is free spins?

Free Spins is a type of casino bonus that allows you to play spin virtual wheels for free. Free spins are peculiar because, unlike other bonuses, they cannot be used to play all online casino games. They can only be used to play online casino games that involve spinning a reel or wheel. Popular examples of such games are online slots and roulettes online. Free spins bonuses usually have terms and conditions attached, which also include wagering requirements. For example, slots generally have 35x wagering requirement, which means that the winnings from spinning the slot reel for free must be wagered on other casino games 35 times before a player can cash out his winnings.  

Why Gamblers love Free Spins?

There are many reasons free spins is one of the favourite bonuses of online gamblers. Some of these reasons are discussed below.

The Game

Free spins can be used to play slots online and even roulette. Therefore, for gamblers who are great lovers of roulette and especially slots, they love a bonus that gives them multiple chances to spin the reel and likewise the chance to earn real money without risking their own money. Slot is a very simple game that does not require technical knowledge or advanced strategy like other casino games, including its counterpart spin game, roulette. It is a game of chance that makes gamblers love free spins because it allows them to spin again and again when they lose a spin.  

The Value

Most casino bonuses are generally offered in bonus percentages, the value of which depends on how much you can bet. For example, a deposit bonus of 100% means one who deposits $50 will earn more bonus than the one who could only afford $20. This is not so for free spins bonus because its value is specific. Regardless of the amount you deposit, and so long as you make the minimum deposit specified by the casino, you will earn the same number of spins, usually ranging from 20 to 50 free spins depending on the casino. 

Generous Offer

Some casino bonuses are only a one-time offer whereby you only get them once—for example, welcome bonus as a new player. On the other hand, free spins are a generous offer that can be offered multiple times, regularly or periodically. It may be part of a welcome bonus, a no deposit bonus, a reload bonus or even a VIP bonus that increases as you attain higher levels.


Free spins is a popular casino bonus, and it will always be a favourite bonus for slot gamblers due to its very generous nature. If you are a lover of slots online, you are bound to love the free spins bonus. Who doesn’t like free money?

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