Local Jackpots vs. Progressive Slots

Slot players are often given a lot of choice, there are an almost limitless number of themes, gameplay features and even adjustable number of paylines. Choosing what jackpot to compete for is one of the toughest choices that slot players will make. Both local jackpots and progressive pay by mobile slots have advantages. 


Progressive Slots 

Progressive slots offer one of the most enticing jackpot types for players. A progressive jackpot has the potential to seriously change a players life thanks to the large amounts of money which are up for grabs. A progressive jackpot works quite simply. Each time a player spins the reel, the cost of that spin will be added to the overall prize pool of the jackpot. There are a large number of players who try to win this way so the prize amount often increases to a large amount. The winner is decided at complete random, thanks to the slots RNG. Though progressive slots are very difficult to win, this doesn’t stop players from trying their luck on them. Progressive slots can still be incredibly fun to play, even in defeat. The player's bet size can sometimes affect their chances of winning a progressive jackpot, with the idea being that the bigger a player bets the bigger their chance of winning becomes. 


Local Jackpots 

While local jackpots have similar characteristics of a progressive slot, there are some factors which help to differentiate the jackpots. 

  1. Local jackpots are only formed locally. This means that it is only formed at a specific slot at a specific casino.
  2. There are a limited number of players that can participate in these types of jackpots, this results in the overall prize winnings being less than the progressive jackpots.
  3. Despite the differences, it still increases every time it is left unclaimed, much like a progressive jackpot. Each player who loses contributes to the overall prize which is eventually awarded to a lucky recipient at complete random.



Playing both local jackpots and progressive slots can yield significant benefits for players, although there are things which they should lookout for. 

  •     Progressive slots offer players a wide range of jackpots to choose from, with the lower jackpots usually being easier to trigger. Progressive slots often have a good amount of jackpots, including high jackpots as well as relatively low jackpots.
  •     There is no denying that the allure of playing progressive slots is the chance to win a potentially huge amount and thanks to the RNG, every player will have that chance. The games are decided completely at random which technically means that every player has a chance to win big!
  •     Local jackpots offer a similar experience to progressive slots but offer a significantly smaller jackpot. Nevertheless one benefit that comes with playing a local jackpot is that they are much easier to win than progressive jackpots. 


In Summary 

Local jackpots are incredibly similar to progressive jackpots, the main difference being that they are often significantly smaller. This is not a bad thing however, as thanks to the localised nature of the jackpot it is much easier to win.

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