How are Bingo Sites Marketing Themselves to Millennials? 

Approximately 3.5million people in the UK play online bingo. While you might think this is just retired women that have nothing better to do, you might be surprised to hear that more and more millennials are signing up to online bingo sites to enjoy the thrill of one of the UK’s most traditional games. Bingo became popular in the 1960s after the passing of the first Gambling Act and flourished as bingo halls opened up around the UK. 

However, in recent decades there has been a marked decline in bingo hall attendance. At one point in the late twentieth century, there were more than 1,000 bingo halls in the UK, but that number quickly dropped to 600 in 2005 and then to 400 in 2014. A large reason for this has been the explosion in the popularity of online bingo, which is attractive to players of all ages, not just retirement-age women who often populated bingo halls up and down the country. In this article, we take a look at how bingo sites are marketing themselves to millennials and how these efforts are contributing to the success of the industry as a whole. 


What attracts millennials to bingo sites? 

Millennials or Generation Y (people born between 1981 & 1996) witness the great internet boom first-hand. So many leisure activities that were solely offline activities before were now available to play online. This includes things like betting on sports, playing video games and playing bingo. Anyone that attended bingo halls regularly in the eighties and nineties would tell you that there were few young people in attendance, and it was mainly a game enjoyed by older women. Yet, when bingo went online, everything started to change. 

Recent data shows that most online bingo players are aged between 35 and 40, falling perfectly within the millennial age bracket. So, why is online bingo so popular with people of this specific age? We list some of the main reasons below: 


Online bingo is incredibly convenient to play. 

For anyone that is competent on a smartphone or tablet, it couldn’t be easier to enjoy a game of online bingo. You simply create an account on the several hundred sites that are accessible in the UK, deposit some money into your account, and away you go. What’s more, you can play anywhere that you have access to the internet. Gone are the days where you needed to get dressed up and head down to the bingo hall with your friends. Whether you’re on the bus to work or lying in bed, you can play a couple of games of bingo online. 


It’s a social experience. 

Millennials grew up at a time that chat rooms and instant messengers were becoming popular for the first time. Online bingo sites incorporate this social element into their platforms and give players the opportunity to chat away with one another while the games are ongoing. Within these chat rooms, there are also lots of special offers and promotions, which are appealing to those that go looking for them. Playing online bingo is an excellent way for people to connect online and socialize with other people. 


Themed games pique their interest. 

Whether it’s Britain’s Got Talent or Deal or No Deal, bingo sites create popular games that are based upon popular TV shows. Instead of just playing standard 90-ball bingo, players are able to enjoy themed games that play on many of the elements of their favourite shows. This attracts lots of new customers to particular sites, as they’re attracted by the opportunity to play a game of bingo that is inspired by a particular show. Although the format is usually very similar, players will find lots of specific bonuses and promotions, depending upon the specific theme of the game they play. 


They can extract several sign-up offers and existing promotions. 

Having grown up with the internet, millennials know how to extract good deals from various websites. Players know that by opening multiple accounts with different sites, they can access special sign up offers and promotions that essentially give them free money to play with. These offers are so varied and vast that it can take a little time for players to find those that are most appropriate to their needs. Players use comparison sites like to find the best current offers and sign up for the relevant sites. 

Given the explosion in the popularity of online bingo in recent times, it’s very little surprise that millennials are at the forefront of this surge. They’re the ideal people to enjoy the many benefits of online bingo and are likely to be at the heart of the industry’s continued growth in years to come. 


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