How I Spent My 4/20

We get all sorts of emails here at GeekWeek HQ looking for us to sample and promote various products and, frankly, most of them we just ignore. But in mid-April, a very intriguing message showed up at our doorstep that we simply couldn't ignore. It's hardly a secret to say it's been a hell of a year for most of the world, even as we now start to emerge back into normalcy. We've all dealt with the stresses of the last year in different ways. Here at GeekWeek HQ - in the heart of sunny (and insanely locked down California) - we've smoked a lot of weed. And I can say with great confidence the email we got from the folks at Grav last month have totally changed the way we are smoking. 
After a year of stress smoking, we've accumulated a lot of kief and have been looking for the right way to utilize it. Our answer came in the form of a large box - arriving literally on 4/20 naturally - that contained two of our newest best friends. The Hourglass Pocket Bubbler and Wide-Based Water Pipe. Both incredibly sturdy pieces of glasswork, the arrival of these new toys undoubtedly turned our 4/20 up a notch and then some. 
After taking a few moments to appreciate the packaging and design of both pieces of glass - the weight of the Water Pipe is especially notable - it was time to indulge. And practically so, in this case. The challenge for the GeekWeek crew and our new toys from Grav was simple - could these be the ultimate kief burners we've been looking for? The answer, dear readers, is yes. And that may very well be an understatement. 
Suffice it to say, these are two of the best made pieces of glass we've ever used - a consensus shared by four users over the first few days. The Wave Bubbler is the perfect size for small or solo sessions and worked perfectly with the accumulated kief to give us a clean and easy smoke. And when it was time to break out the heavy artillery - the Wide-Based Water Pipe - the big guy most certainly didn't disappoint. Easy to pack, hit and pass, this Water Pipe filtered the kief expertly and flat out knocked us on our behinds. 
Over the course of the shockingly productive week, we finally finished off what had been a year of accumulated kief and found it overall to be clean, easy and smooth to hit. In terms of what we were looking for, Grav's pipes delivered just what the doctor ordered and then some. On the whole, we'd give both devices a glowing review and encourage you to check them out.
That said, the true - and hazy - morale of the story is that we clearly need to expand our coverage of this space if only for the product samples! 
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