A Beginners Guide for Learning Drums with Online Lessons

A Beginners Guide for Learning Drums with Online Lessons

Music is a great healer, and few instruments can invigorate and energize you than the drums. Percussion can get your blood thumping through your veins, and it is just what you need to lift your mood. Although playing drums require a high degree of physical involvement, learning how to play drums online is possible. 

There are many beginner lessons you can choose from, and once you get the basics right, you can learn advanced levels. Here is a beginner's guide to online drum lessons


  • Knowing the Parts of a Drum Kit 

Most youngsters try their hands at percussion for the first time by trying their hands on pots and pans in the kitchen! However, if you are serious about learning drums, you need to start by knowing the various parts of the drum kit. You do not need a full-fledged kit yourself at the very beginning. 

You can start with buying a dummy set or just go through the lessons to find out about parts like the snare drum, the bass drum, the Hi-Hat, the cymbals, and so on. 


  • Learn the Rhythm

It is one thing to hum along with the tune but quite another to identify a particular beat. Start with your favorite song and try air drumming at first to know if you can identify the pattern and the rhythm. Use your online lessons to understand how to time yourself and maintain focus throughout the rhythm. 

At this point, you also need to start training your ears to understand differences in timings, tempo, and beat. Hand drumming is a good way to increase coordination between your left and right-hand movement. 


  • Playing with Sticks

Once you have acquired a fair idea about the rhythm, it is time to start practicing with sticks. You will notice that once you have the sticks in hand, the entire game changes. Go through the online tutorials to understand the different ways of holding drum sticks and which is the best way for you. There are various ways of holding drum sticks like matched grip, French grip, and German grip. 

You could buy a practice rubber drum pad in the beginning. To help you with the beat and tempo, you can also invest in a metronome since it is the best way to judge whether you are sticking to the tempo or not. Practicing with it at the beginning stage will help you gain a strong sense of time. You can practice with drum beats like 4/4 times, ¾, 6/8, or 12/8. 


  • Reading Drum Sheet Music

One of the biggest perks of learning to play drums online is getting access to many drum sheet music. Knowing how to read music is great art. It might seem very difficult and confusing at first, but once you are in a position to understand the pattern, you can discover a whole range of music that you can start practicing yourself. 

The online drum lessons will teach you how to decipher the various signs and symbols, and you will be able to read music in no time. 


  • Playing Drum Rudiments 

Drum rudiments are beginner practice lessons that you can start trying after you have developed some idea of the technique. These are the fundamentals of drumming and the basic building blocks of playing drums. There are 40 essential rudiments, and they consist of several combinations of stacking patterns. 

Follow the instructions online and keep practicing to increase your right hand and left-hand coordination. Start with the simplest, and by the time you complete all 40, you will be able to play drums quite well and will be able to play along with your song. 


  • Reading Drum Tabs

These are not the same as reading music sheets as the tabs are meant specifically for the instrument. They are used to denote the various parts of the drum. For example, CC stands for Crash Symbol, HH for Hi-Hat, T1 for Hi Tom, B for Bass Drum, O for Bass Drum Hits, etc. 

Once you memorize the tabs, you know which part of the drum kit to hit to produce a particular sound. You will find several sequences of drum tabs in the online drum lessons to practice with, and you will get an idea about the various kinds of sounds each component produces. 

With online beginner drum lessons, you will be able to master drum notations, acquire a sense of rhythm, and increase hand movement coordination. It will be a starting point for a whole new musical journey and one that will help you discover your drumming talents. 

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