Which Video Games Should Students Play To Improve Intelligence?

Usually, it is not considered that playing video games can improve brain functions or activities but according to a study by S.R.I International it is evident that playing video games helps the students to develop cognitive learning – they can raise their problem-solving skills and spatial visualization skills.

In addition, the study has also discovered students improving hand-eye coordination while playing digital games. Some games are quite strategic therefore the students need to strategize them which require the brain to work faster.

Here are some strategic games that can help the students to work faster and become smarter!!

1. Starcraft ( Franchise latest: Starcraft II)

Starcraft is a strategy game where the fight is amongst the aliens to gain authoritative power. To win the species the students need to use different strategies as for each species the fighting units are different. Therefore students are learning how to use brain resources in changing situations.

According to scientists, the skill of allocating brain resources is the foundation of human intelligence. Richard, who takes accounting assignment help from online resources, is a regular player of Starcraft. He said that now he can work faster than before by practicing this game regularly.

2. Call of Duty (Franchise latest: Call of Duty WWII)

Call of Duty presents a battlefield where the players need to shoot the bad guys with leading weapons and win the combat. It also includes specialized drones and hover bikes to monitor the entire battlefield.

According to a study of the University of Rochester, it is seen that students are able to develop their “contrast sensitivity function” that helps them to notice minimal changes quickly. Hence, playing video games not only makes the students intelligent but also helps them to improve their visual aptitudes.

3. Battlefield 4

In this game, a squad of soldiers is led by the Recker and the players tend to control the “reck”. The entire battlefield includes the air, sea, and land too. The advanced vehicles are water-based. Multiple advanced weapons are there for the players to survive.

According to a psychological study it is proved that by playing such games students can improve their decision-making skills. Because they have to make a decision faster than what information they are gonna save in the working memory and which one to delete while playing this game. Ben, an MBA student, takes marketing assignment help from online sources comment that by playing battlefield 4 he has improved his decision-making skills. So there is no doubt that the game makes teenagers smarter!!

4. Witcher 3 (Franchise Latest: Witcher 3 Wild Hunt)

Witcher 3 is an action role-playing game where the players have a goal and they need to achieve it by fighting in a dangerous environment. Unlike the first-person shooter game, the pace is slower here.

But the game is quite popular amongst the students. The game has many variables that’s why along with the decision-making skill the students are gonna rock the reasoning skill that involves them thinking and taking action scientifically.

Like many other games, the player tends to control the protagonist, and the monster is in search of his lost daughter. The game requires immense flexibility to make decisions faster in an unsettled situation. Sounds exciting no? then don’t wait. Play and learn.

5. Diablo (Franchise Latest Diablo III)

Stephen an online C++ tutors is a fan of this game. He also suggests his students play Diablo because it requires effective reasoning skills. The main concern of the players in this game is to erase the existence of the Diablo, the Lord of Terror.

The game has many twists like the player has the chance to role-play such as barbarian, wizard, witch doctor, etc etc. Sounds fun. Isn’t it? The game includes acquiring, exploring, etc, that’s why it requires eye-hand coordination.

Hence, the game undoubtedly increases the intelligence of the students.

6.     Portal (Franchise Latest: Portal 2)

No! It’s not about the traditional puzzle game but about the digital puzzle game that truly helps the students to improve logical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. They also learn a lot regarding the pattern selection procedure. The faster they figure out the patterns the more they become smarter.

In this game, the player using one too needs to escape the evil lab. Well, It already sounds difficult. The player needs to plan logically as well as creatively so that he can choose the right portal to escape. This problem-solving game not only makes the students intelligent but also increases their concentration level.

7.     Fifa ( Franchise Latest: Fifa 15)

Most of the students are attracted to sports games, probably for their love of sports. Like the action games, the sports games are also fast-paced and it requires effective eye-hand coordination.

In the era of smartphones, laptops, and tablets the students don’t need to go to the football ground to play football. They can learn the team strategies and player moves by playing football digitally. Sports games like Fifa require first analysis and quick thinking to win the game.

Needless to say, fast-analysis helps the brain to think fast therefore the intelligence level is increased.

8.     Minecraft

The game “Minecraft” is famous amongst the school students. This is a type of action-adventure game where the player builds, explores, and also combat in a violent and non-violent situation.

Students can learn a lot from this game such as teamwork, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. The players can enrich their creativity skill by playing this game as the player does not need to have a goal; he just needs to play the game with creativity and strategy.

Minecraft is therefore used to educate students as it helps in building construction skills. To have a better understanding of planning the students must play such games.

So now you can learn while having fun. Sounds quite exciting. Don’t wait, enter the world of games to learn the best!!

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