UK Horse Racing Events That You Must Attend

Whether you’re an occasional spectator or seasoned bettor, you must go to the races at least once in your lifetime. There are numerous events you can attend worldwide, but you won’t find the British horse racing charm anywhere else around the globe. So, let’s have a look at the best UK horse racing events that you must attend.

  1. The Royal Ascot

Arguably the most prestigious horse racing event in the UK, the Royal Ascot is synonymous with glam, high fashion, and exquisite races. The event takes place each year in June and is known for its royal attendees and extravagantly dressed celebrities. Four enclosures give everyone the opportunity to mingle with the rich and famous or just enjoy a lovely day out. Just remember to put on your best formal daywear attire and a hat before heading to the races at the Royal Ascot. 

  1. Aintree Grand National

The Royal Ascot’s rival and another of the most popular horse racing events in England, the Aintree Grand National is slightly younger but as famous as the Royal Ascot. Dubbed as the “super bowl of horse racing” to enthusiasts outside the nation, the event attracts over 150,000 spectators and is watched by over 600 million people worldwide. An array of jumps and obstacles bring thrill to each race in true hunt horse racing style – perhaps the most popular jump race event in the world.

  1. The Cheltenham Festival

Another popular hunt racing event you shouldn’t miss is the Cheltenham Festival, here are some Cheltenham tips to help you out once you get to the races. With roots dating back to 1860, this event sees hundreds of enthusiasts flocking to the Cotswolds season after season. Like the Royal Ascot, the Cheltenham Festival is a four-day event usually taking place in March. With prize money for the event being one of Britain’s highest, it is safe to say that the Cheltenham Festival is also a true Mecca for sports betting enthusiasts.

  1. The Scottish Grand National

Run over four miles and 27 fences, the Scottish Grand National is one of those events that show racing lovers that the UK extends past England. The Grand National is the biggest day of jumps in Scotland, and like the Aintree or Cheltenham, it is a hunt racing event. A tad less pretentious than its English counterparts, the event still requires you to wear your best attire, but is more family-oriented, with free entry for all kids accompanying their parents. 

  1. The Epsom Derby

One of the oldest horse racing events in the UK, the Epsom Derby was first held in 1780 and it has been a gorgeous national spectacle ever since. Like Royal Ascot, it is held in June, and is as popular as the Aintree Grand National. Like all horse racing events, the Epsom Derby also encourages guests to look the part, with ladies wearing colourful dresses and intricate hats, whereas gents are expected to wear suits and top hats. Dress code aside, this event gives everyone the right excuse to spend a few summer days out in the open and enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

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