Top Mistakes Website Owners Make Developing The Business Sites

Having a compelling and unique website is no longer an option. So, when you have a poor website, it can cause you a lot of business. Sadly, this happens at an alarming frequency. There are so many small businesses that decide on having their own website to save money and gain control over the whole project.

The sad truth is, at times, they do not quite understand the concepts of a good website design. Consequently, they end up producing a website, which is not that good.  

However, as a business, you need to understand that website is a form of art. Just like art, web design attempts to give the viewers an experience. With web design, you combine function and form.

Hence, your website is more usable, engaging, navigable, and certainly enjoyable. For this to happen, you need to adhere to several spoken and unspoken rules. Unfortunately, there are so many businesses that are not aware of these rules. This leads to a website, which lags in achieving the purpose.

Here, we will discuss some of these common mistakes that people make when designing the website. Eliminating these mistakes will help you in creating a great website. 


You do not have a plan

 Many a time, when people build a website, they barely have a plan. Let us understand; your business website is more or less like opening a restaurant or a store. Hence you need to have a plan. James, the web developer for RazorHood, a platform where you can find the best men’s eyebrow trimmers review, shares that ‘every business needs to understand their target audience, the means and method to promote the website, and the USP of their business.’ 

 Across every stage of website development, you need a lot of research. Without adequate research, you will make a website blindly, with the hope that it is what your audience wants, without having any concrete basis to ascertain this.

Hence, your biggest mistake when developing a website is not having a plan. The solution is simple – Have a plan!


A lot is happening.

As a website developer, your role is to ensure that the vital information is portrayed right away on the website,’ comments Hannah, a web developer with MyPlumbersChoice, a platform where you can find the best two piece toilets reviews. 

Let us explain what Hannah is trying to say here. See, when a visitor comes to your website, they have a certain goal and expectation from your website. If you fail to meet their goals within the first few seconds of their arrival on the website, they will leave.

Now, please remember though this is quintessential, several business owners tend to cram a lot of information above the fold. So, the fold is not just a myth, but instead a crowded website, which is indeed not a good thing. The websites with many texts, images, and other things happening all at once also take a lot of loading time. All of this can confuse your visitor. 


Underestimating the degree of work involved

 So many people believe that setting up a website is a way of quick and easy money. However, that is not true, and you are sadly mistaken. There is a lot more work involved than simply accepting an order and shipping the product. It is a long process and demands your complete attention.

Thus, it will involve a good share of trial and error. You need to understand what techniques work for you and which ones are doing no good for your website.

Further, even if you decide on outsourcing a few parts of the business, you need to keep a close check on the business structure. Simply because it is online does not mean that it will be any different from the traditional business. Hence, in short, you should be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort to modify and better your site’s design. 

'When I prepare a company website, I usually start with preparing a list of the to-dos. Then I start checking off this list. It is to ensure everything is done in time,’ comments Dave, a freelance developer for well-known sites like EmbraceGardening, a platform where you can find the reviews for the best fertilizers for orchid trees. 


Not enough happening

 Now, this is the exact opposite of something that we discussed above. There are also some websites, which do not have any information on their page. This, too, can be pretty confusing for the audience.

Of course, minimalism is essential, but you cannot not provide any information in the name of being minimalist. When the reader comes to your website, they are there with a purpose, and that purpose should be met; else it will not take a lot of time for them to switch to the competitors.  


Not mobile-friendly

 ‘I do not understand why website owners still make non-responsive websites. It is an unforgivable mistake,’ comments Neha, a writer with a platform that offers summary statement engineers Australia. 

Well, we agree with Neha. However, the sad truth is, we have all experienced a non-responsive website at one point in time or another. It can be quite frustrating and off-putting because, in 2021, we expect businesses to know the importance of developing a responsive website, so it loads well on all screen sizes.  


Too many distractions

Lastly, don’t we all hate websites that have way too many pop-ups or distractions? You close one pop-up, and the other one pops open. Distracting and irritating, right? It is okay to ask users to subscribe to your newsletter or disable the ad blocker, but pressurizing them to do so with endless pop-ups can be quite a turn-off.

Even Google issued a warning to avoid these kinds of advertisements and pop-ups because of their intrusiveness. Though this is a prevalent mistake, it should be avoided. Of course, it is okay if you do it sparingly, but it is not worth it if it costs you your customers.

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