Three Netflix Shows & Their Impact On Viewers

Do movies and television series impact us as individuals and as a society? If so, then to what extent are we being influenced by these media products? Some say that they affect what we buy, what we eat, and even how we speak. While there are others who even claim that our personal opinions can change depending on what we are viewing at a certain point of our lives. 

If you feel these assertions as mere exaggerations, then you need to have a look at the impact the below three Netflix shows are credited to have made on their audiences. 


1- Emily in Paris 

One of the main reasons for watching a television series is entertainment and fun. And if these are your motives too, then you will find Emily in Paris as best suited to your needs. Lily Collins has played the eponymous Emily who is struggling to adjust in the new city of Paris after she moved there from America. 

The Darren Star created show directly influenced fashion and tourism, plus it also helped to increase the interest around very particular items. Since its premiere on October 2nd, 2020, the online searches for ‘French’ and ‘Paris’ have gone up 47 percent and 43 percent respectively. 

The fashion world is pivotal to the series and that’s why searches for items like ‘Nicola’, ‘Beret’, and ‘Bucket Hat’ hugely increased after its release. Additionally, the show also helped to increase tourism in the capital, with Luxembourg Gardens, Place de I’Estrapade, and The Palais-Royal all witnessing more visitors after its release.  


2- The Queen’s Gambit 

Start watching The Queen’s Gambit and it is possible that you could also be tempted to buy a chess set by the end of it. This 2020 Netflix series is fascinating to watch and once you start viewing it, you will find yourself hooked to the screen. 

It recounts the story of a young orphan named Beth Harmon who is a genius when it comes to playing chess. However, she is fighting her troubled past while dealing with issues of alcohol and drug dependency. She has to be at her absolute best if she aims to win the Russian dominated World Chess Championship. 

The Queen’s Gambit became enormously popular around the world and soon was declared as the most viewed television show in the history of Netflix. It even changed the idea of chess from an intellectual and complex sport into something glamourous and pop. It also gave a huge boost to the sales of chess-sets, while the number of players on is said to have increased 500 percent, thanks to the show. 


3- The Crown 

The Crown is one of the most expensive Netflix shows ever, with its first season reportedly costing around £97.4 million. It chronicles the life of the current monarch of the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to the early 21st century. 

The show is greatly credited with influencing the Britishers’ opinions about the royalty. In fact, 35 percent of the people who watch the show view the Royal Family ‘a little better’ or ‘much better’.

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