Mobile Bingo Proves Popular With Millennials

Even if you’re on the right track you will simply get ran over if you simply sit there. This is a lesson that modern businesses have to understand and apply quickly, something that betting shops and bingo sites like were quick to realize. These operators discovered that when it comes to online betting, mobile devices are routinely used by their newest members. With a significant percentage of them being represented by Millennials, it became obvious that any serious bookmaker had to adjust its lineup of sports for mobile gadgets.

The perks of growing with video games

Long before smartphones and tablets came along, Millennials were hooked on video games and enjoyed them on computers and consoles. They were quick to acquire the latest gadgets, as well as the newest releases and many continue to play on their spare time. Even though this generation is now actively engaged in the workforce, many of its members still find pleasure in playing video games. A percentage of these people are also keen on betting and most have skipped computers as the conduits of choice.

The first online bookmaker used to offer their services exclusively on desktop and laptop computers. At that time many millennials were not too interested in this type of gambling, but acquired the taste later on. Today when a part of them bet on sports, as well as video games, it makes perfect sense for them to seek the most convenient way of betting. Smartphones and tablets are perfect for this activity, since they are easy to carry around and players are just one tap of the screen away from placing a bet. 

Unlike members of the older generation, millennials have no problems in adjusting to new gadgets. Android and iOS operating systems are now used by most smartphones and tablet owners, with both being intuitive even for beginners. Millennials were able to adjust to the new environment quickly and online bookmakers were happy to meet them halfway. One can use handheld gadgets to sign up for an account, make a deposit, look at statistics and place a bet pregame, as well as live.

The love affair with video games is going strong

One of the fastest growing betting markets at land-based and online is e-sports. These competitions were virtually unknown a few years ago, but they are now one of the biggest things in online gambling. As stated above, millennials grew up playing video games and jumped on the bandwagon as soon as they had the first opportunities to bet on their favorite games. Initially, there were only a few bookies offering such markets, but as their popularity grew, so did the number of sports books covering them

Millennials know a great deal about these games, especially with most of them still playing one or several of the e-sports. This is a less explored area by bookmakers, which means that they still have a harder time determining the correct odds, so the house edge is lower. Millennials can enjoy these opportunities and use mobile devices to place a bet and then watch the live streams for free on the same gadgets.


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