Why a Geek Should Spend Time in League of Legends

Video games are generally considered a waste of time. But contrary to traditional beliefs, studies have proven that video games have several positive impacts on daily human life. Aside from mere entertainment and diversion, video games also help you evolve as a person. Just as physical exercise helps improve and strengthen your muscles, playing video games such as League of Legends strengthens you mentally. Some of the benefits of playing video games are listed below.

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Sharpens Your Senses

League of Legends is such a complex game that it requires sharp senses to become a good player. It has many details, which means you need to have an incredible eye response to keep track of everything. Especially if you boost your LoL account and play at higher ranks, you must be able to click at the right place at the right time, and that requires a great deal of precision and sharp senses.


Enhances Multitasking Skills

Role-playing games require you to be very observant and be ready to perform several actions at once. As League of Legends is partially a role-playing game, you have to keep track of your health, mana, and ability cooldowns. While at the same time selecting units, browsing maps, and using spells. All these things can ultimately improve your multitasking abilities. Improved multitasking can help you finish your everyday activities more efficiently, which is very handy for a geek.


Causes Your Brain to Work Faster

While gaming, the brain receives multiple stimulations, both Visual and Audial. League of Legends is no different as there are a ton of things happening at the same time. You have to be able to keep track of all the non-stop action that is happening across the map. You have to process all that information at the same time and act accordingly. All these stimulators help ensure that your brain is continuously working to interpret them.

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Improves Social Skills

Just like any other competitive multiplayer game, communication is key to success in League of Legends too. You have to play and communicate with geeks of all age groups worldwide every day. And in every game, you have to connect and cooperate with them effectively to win. In real life, Not only does this aid you when it comes to interacting with people in their everyday life, but it also helps you to converse better with strangers.

Improves Problem-Solving Skills

If you have played a game long enough, you will know the map inside-out and will be able to come up with pocket strategies instantly and will be able to predict what other people are going to do. It’s called “game-sense,” and it applies in games like League of Legends, where everything can be predicted based on the opponent’s behavior. Because new information is continually being displayed throughout the game, players are forced to adapt quickly. As you have to make split-second decisions, playing the game long enough will impact your daily decision-making.


Helps You Relax and Have Fun

Playing League of Legends is an excellent source of relaxing after having a long, tough day. Whether you geeks return home tired from school or work, queuing up for an LoL game will help you forget everything. This game will help you focus on it and forget all other things that are bothering you. All the excitement this game brings will undoubtedly boost your mood and make you feel happy when you are finished.

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