Best Casino Action Scenes of The Century!

It's a brave new world, my friends. The sexy and seductive flash and dash of casino gambling - once the object of an occasional escape to Vegas or Atlantic City - has now gone fully digital, changing the way we get our entertainment forever. From sports to classic casino games, the revolution and evolution in the way we approach gaming is one of the stories that will not fully appreciate until this amazing transformation is in full bloom. If you're looking for a taste of the action yourself, you can find NJ Online casinos here and get to gaming. In honor of this new age of online action, we salute the first fifth of the 21st century's best casino action scenes.




BLACK PANTHER - We have to start with T'Challa and company's amazing sequence in the massive Marvel superhero hit BLACK PANTHER. The breakout character of the past several years, this sequence sees Wakanda's nascent king T'Challa take on thugs and CIA in impressive fashion. The hand to hand combat is fierce but also features amazing staff play by Okoye. This sequence also features the best use of a wig in an action sequence ever! 




SKYFALL - Bond, James Bond... The name has graced many a cinematic casino over the year. For the Daniel Craig years, however, the height of commercial success was SKYFALL. The 50th anniversary Bond film, it reintroduced many classic Bond elements missing from the series while also providing fans with that evergreen, Bond kicking ass in a casino. Taking on the crime families of Macau and an angry komodo dragon but still finding time to chat up the femme fatale at the bar. For classic Bond action with a modern twist, it gets no better.




WILD CARD - Jason Statham is best known to action fans as The Transporter for Fast & Furious's Shaw, but fans should make a point to check out the very underrated Wild Card. This film sees Statham as a gambler fully capable of kicking ass and he does not disappoint on this premise. You'll get some fun casino action of every stripe, while taking plenty of time to see what the UK's top action import does best. While not the box office smash of some of his other work, this is a picture that any Statham fan will love.



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