The 6 Best Solar Powered Toys for 2020

Ever since the advent of solar energy, people have been looking for more ways to incorporate renewable power into their lives. Today, we have access to many solar powered products, including toys. Children and adults can have a great time and utilize a sustainable resource.

Connect Electric wants to share the following list of must-have solar toys that will help you discover some new favorites in 2020.

  • STEM Solar Robot Toy

The STEM solar robot toy is intended for ages 8 to 10. It’s a 12-in-1 educational kit that combines fun with do-it-yourself skills. The kit can be used to create 12 different robots that are designed to move on land or water. It’s a great option when you want variety in your educational toys.

A solar panel is included to provide energy to the drive motor for smooth motion. Children can learn how to utilize green power while improving dexterity and problem-solving abilities. This is a great resource when you want more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in your child’s day.

  • Solar Mechanics Science Kit

The Solar Mechanics kit by Thames & Kosmos includes a full-color 60-page STEM manual and materials to build 20 models. It’s intended for ages 8 to 12 and received a Parents’ Choice Gold Award by the Parents’ Choice Foundation. The kit includes a photovoltaic cell and electric motor to bring each creation to life. 

  • RobotiKits Solar Space Fleet

OWI sells a collection of RobotiKits that require sunlight. The Solar Space Fleet contains the parts needed to construct seven different lunar modules. Each is powered by a solar panel or a rechargeable battery.

Build a shuttle-shaped vehicle, an astronaut, a four-legged mover, or a three-wheeled vehicle as well as others. This is a great opportunity to let kids get hands-on while learning about how sunlight can be harnessed and used to power many things – both big and small.

  • RobotiKits Super Solar Recycler

OWI also produces a Super Solar Recycler RobitiKit. This one teaches kids about solar energy and creative ways to reuse and recycle. This 6-in-1 kit includes components that can transform waste into something entirely new and exciting. 

Add a plastic bottle, empty cans, old CDs, and more to create vehicles and characters. Kit includes everything needed (other than the recyclable waste) to make a racer, bird, robot, walker, roller, or yacht.

  • Solar Hoot Owl and Other Animated Animals

Kids who love animals will really appreciate the Solar Hoot Owl. It’s a 4-inch owl figure with big eyes and spots. When you put her in sunlight, she charges up and comes to life. 

Other variations are available including the Needzo Moving Panda Bear Solar Swing, Frog Figure Solar Swing, and Solar Powered Grasshoppers.

  • STEM Solar Climbing Vehicle

The DIY STEM Solar Climbing Vehicle is a great way to get kids thinking about renewable energy. The components included can be used to construct a four-wheel car model. Change height with the angle adjuster to climb over obstacles that are up to 50 mm tall.

Solar powered toys can teach children about engineering, conservation, and renewable technology. Get started with these fun playthings that run on sunlight!

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