Must-Have Tools and Services Every Small Business Needs

Every small business is maintained by a set of systems and processes that allow for continued efficiency and productivity. Without the right tools, it can be easy to put your focus into the wrong areas and make less progress than intended. However, finding the tools that will allow small business owners to become more productive and effective in their own business can be difficult for those who have just launched or are new to the space they're in. Are you looking to improve your business? If so, here are some must-have tools and services that every small business needs.


Instant Messaging Apps for Seamless Team Communication

In a world where we can easily work from our home office and have our employees work from their own homes as well, maintaining quick and efficient communication is essential to getting work done and staying in sync with our team's progress. One must-have tool that all businesses should be using is instant messaging apps like Slack. Unlike text or email, which can both be limiting in their own ways, instant messaging apps have plenty of integrations with popular business software and make it easier to get in touch with every member of your team. If you need an easy way to stay in touch with every member of your team, apps like Slack will do wonders for your communication.

In-Office Organizational Tools and Marketing Materials for Better Business Operations

Having a business plan only works if you are organized and prepared for success. The first step in being organized begins in the office. If you have papers everywhere and no filing system, it can be easy to fall prey to the mess. Take the time necessary to go through all of your paperwork, consider purchasing custom folders designed specifically for certain areas within your business, and find a safe, accessible place where you can get to this paperwork when you need it. Having business folders to store your most important documentation is an invaluable asset to whatever type of business you may run. In addition to physical organization, you should focus on organizing your digital files as well.

While we're on the topic, another great tool to have are physical marketing materials like promotional products. If your business relies on local marketing to draw in customers, having promotional products to hand out during events or give to customers can help you develop a positive reputation over time. Additionally, branded products can give a professional look to your products and display a more professional appearance to potential customers.

Small Call Center for Improved Customer Experience

Having some form of customer support available for your customers will serve to improve your reputations as a helpful business that aims to support those who buy from them. However, getting a system set up for customer support if you are not well-acquainted with what a contact center should look like can be difficult. One great solution is to reach out to a service provider that will help you set up a virtual call center. All you have to do is provide the call center agents, who will use the cloud-hosted call center software and hardware to provide support to incoming callers contacting your business. As you grow larger, having this virtual call center software and existing customer service representatives who know the system will make it easier to scale previous systems to meet your new demand. If you don't know how to run a traditional call center to handle customer service, make sure to consider virtual call center software now.

Client Management Software and Project Management Platforms for Enhanced Productivity

Keeping tabs on all of your projects can be difficult, especially as you begin scaling your small business. However, tools like customer relationship management software (CRM) or project management tools like Trello and Asana can make it easier to track your projects in one place. With the right CRM, you can get a comprehensive overview of your clients, projects, and tasks, and conduct outreach. When you arm these tools with additional management practices like to-do lists and Kanban boards, staying on top of your work becomes far easier!

Running a small business doesn't have to be difficult. With the right tools on your side, managing your business as you grow can be quite simple. Use the list of recommended tools above to start developing a more productive business plan moving forward that will help you reach all of your goals with ease.

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