Here’s How to Find the Best Team Players on League of Legends

Whether you're a seasoned League of Legends player whose gaming schedule has been virtually unaffected by COVID-19 and social distancing, or you're a fairly new player who suddenly finds yourself with many more free hours on your hands, the people you play with can definitely make it a more enjoyable experience for you.

League of Legends is all about communication and teamwork, so it's important to find a group of players you have good chemistry with. If you already have a group of players who you enjoy playing with, then it's likely you won't need help searching for League of Legends players to group with. But for those of you who are looking for a new group of people to play with, we've put together some advice to make your search quicker!

Just Play the Game

By far the easiest way to connect with other players in your elo is to simply play the game. You'll play against players of your approximate skill level, and something as simple as dropping "gg" into the chat could strike up a conversation. If you don't feel like working your way through the much younger player base and want to play in a higher elo without grinding out the levels on your own LoL account, you can always purchase a smurf account at your desired elo. There are League of Legends accounts for sale at every elo, some with legendary or rare skins, and some that are unfortunately too good to be true. Do your research to ensure that you purchase the highest quality LoL smurf account.

It should be noted, however, that Riot Games frowns upon buying or ranking smurf accounts and getting caught can result in a permanent ban of your League of Legends account.

Watch Twitch Streams

Twitch is a great place to find League of Legends players and watch them play the game before deciding if you want to play with them. Obviously trying to join someone's ranked game when you're way below their elo isn't a great idea. But if you find a player who plays at your skill level—or the skill level of your new smurf account—you can always ask to duo with them.

Search for Gamers in Your Area

If you want to find a group of who play League of Legends and live in your community or the surrounding area, arguably the best place to check is Facebook. On Facebook, you'll be able to find real people in closed groups who share your interest in League of Legends and live in your area. You can also go on Reddit to find Discord channels or people who list their LoL accounts and account details to find players in their elo.

Social media, in general, is a great place to reach out and find other gamers, especially if you plan to use discord for live chat, but this too comes with a warning label: be careful about who you share your private contact information with.

Protect Yourself

In the age of social media and Google everywhere, more important than ever to protect your personal information. If you want to be extra thorough about the people who you play League of Legends with, using a people search engine line GoLookUp's People Finder Free is an excellent place to start. With just an email address or first name and last name, this free people search gives you a quick background check in the form of public records such as their criminal records and current address. Just know that if you are looking up the personal information of people you're playing with, it's likely that they might do the same for you.

However you go about finding new people to play League of Legends with, it is important that you have fun, but it is important that you keep yourself safe and only give personal information beyond your first name to people who you really trust.

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