YouTubers Fight Deforestation with Team Trees Campaign

Deforestation is one of the biggest problems humanity faces nowadays. This term is used for the systematic destruction of forests around the world. Many corporations literally wipe out forests so that they can use wood for mass production, completely neglecting the fact that forests can save lives.

Forests are important for the atmosphere — that’s something we all know. With that in mind, one YouTube star decided to help fight deforestation by starting a Team Trees (#teamtrees) campaign that proved to be successful.

What Is the Campaign About?


Team Trees was started by an American YouTuber called Jimmy Donaldson who is known by the name of MrBeast on this video platform. One of his Reddit fans suggested he should celebrate reaching 20 million subscribers by planting 20 million trees.

If there’s one thing YouTubers are known for, it’s that they like challenges. MrBeast, therefore, immediately accepted this humorous suggestion and started working on creating a fundraiser. The goal was to collect $20 million that would be donated to the Arbor Day Foundation before the end of 2019.

Essentially, Arbor Day plants one tree for every $1 donated to the foundation. By collecting $20 million, therefore, MrBeast would complete the challenge. Spoiler alert — he was successful.

Right after he announced his campaign, Mark Rober, another popular YouTuber, joined forces with him to promote the fundraiser. What followed was simply outstanding! Many people joined the campaign right away, donating money to fight deforestation. Even popular entrepreneurs, executives, and entire businesses - special shoutout to our friends at Broken Arrow tree planting and maintenance service - started collecting and pledging money towards this case.

Who Joined the Campaign?


Many companies and businesses supported the challenge in various ways. TeamTrees and also joined forces in order to collect money. Bitcasino started an entertaining game, using their players’ loyalty points as donations, collecting more than $100,000.

Other companies that took part in the initiative include Plants vs Zombies (game) that donated $500,000, and Elf Development A/S, a Danish real estate company, which supported the cause with $250,000.

However, the largest amount was donated by successful entrepreneurs. At the moment, the Shopify CEO holds the record with $1,000,001 donated, followed by Elon Musk whose donation was $1 million.

Other people who made huge donations are Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, who pledged $900,000. Moreover, Scott Chacon made a donation of $250,001 and Susan Wojcicki donated $200,000.

The list doesn’t end here, however. In fact, it’s quite a lengthy one. The fundraiser collected more than $20 million even before Christmas. The money was immediately donated to Arbor Day which plans to start the process or reforestation in the US. 

Planting 20 million trees is not an easy job — it will take Arbor Day approximately two years to complete the project. Although the initial goal was reached, the fundraiser is still open and anyone can donate and support planting trees in the US.

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