How to Make the Perfect Coffee Without a Coffee Machine

Most of us rely on that fist cup of coffee to start functioning in the morning, and you most likely rely on your coffee machine to make you a perfect cup of coffee without much thought. Coffee machines are the most convenient way to get coffee at a push of a button, but what happens if you press the button and nothing happens? Or if you stay at a friend or families house that doesn’t have the same affinity for coffee as you? Rather than breaking into a cold sweat and looking for the closest starbucks (although, always a good idea), check out these methods of brewing coffee without a machine.  

On the hob

If you have very limited supplies, this may be your best (and perhaps only) option. Did you know that you can brew coffee on the hob with nothing more than the basics in the kitchen? This method may also save you if you ever need your fix while camping and you only have a basic heat source and a pan to work with. 

To make coffee on the hob you will need water, coffee grounds, a saucepan, a spoon, a ladle and a mug. The first step is to add the water into your saucepan. Add a little more than you need to fill your cup as some of it will boil off in the process. Next is to add your coffee grounds into the water, adding as much as you usually would to make a cup of coffee in your coffee machine. Then bring the coffee infused water to the boil, making sure that none of the coffee gets stuck or burns to the bottom of the pan. Boil for around 2 minutes and then let the pan sit off the heat for a few minutes to allow the granules to float to the bottom of the pan. Use a ladle if you have one to scoop your coffee into a cup, trying to ensure that you just get coffee and no granules as you go. 

Making a coffee bag

This is a classic method used in France in the 1700s to brew their coffee, and uses a bag similar to how you brew tea. This is something you can make yourself to make a perfect coffee without your coffee maker! To get started you will need your favourite coffee, water, a coffee filter, uncoated string and a mug ready to go. 

To get started making your coffee bag, measure out your normal amount of ground coffee and add to the filter. Wrap the filter around the coffee grounds to create a little bag and then tie it off at the top with a piece of string. As you do this leave a long piece of string to hang out of the mug so you can pull the bag out easily when you are done. With your bag ready heat your water and pour over the bag into your mug. Be a little gentle with this to make sure that the bag stays well wrapped and doesn’t spill. Let this brew for three to five minutes depending on how strong you like your morning coffee and remove the bag before drinking.

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