Planning An Inventive Stag Do For A Gamer Groom

Stag dos have a reputation for being debauched, drunken and just plain dumb, but they don’t have to be. For grooms who prefer gaming to drinking, you can create a perfect celebration of your friendship and his impending marriage.

For Best Men without a clue how to create the stag do that your game-playing friend will enjoy, here’s our guide to planning and hosting an unforgettable final night of freedom!

Work Out Who’s Coming

Before you start planning, you need to know who’ll be attending, so talk to the groom about who they’d like to invite and then contact them directly. It can be hard to get people to commit but try to explain that you need them to give you a firm answer so you can create the perfect party. Once you know who’s attending you can create a WhatsApp or Facebook Chat group to keep everyone in the loop. 

Set A Budget

Rising costs of hosting and attending stag dos are making them tough on both hosts and attendees, so keep things manageable by creating a budget. Work out how much everything will cost, both for the organiser and each individual guest. Then discuss it amongst yourselves so that you’re all comfortable with the cost. It’s nice to pay for the groom, as it’s his celebration, so remember to factor the price of his night into the overall budget. 

Themed Parties Are Great For Bringing People Together

Stag dos often involve costumes, creative food and bespoke cocktails, so instead of theming yours around the traditional lad’s night out or penis themes, try picking the groom’s favourite video game or character. Getting guests to dress up will not only be a laugh, but also give people the chance to make use of that old cosplay costume they’ve only used once!

Remember That It Doesn’t Have To Be Ostentatious 

Many Best Men choose to host extravagant stag dos in a bid to show how much they love their friend, but if your pal doesn’t enjoy big parties then make the event more low key. After all, it’s more important that they enjoy themselves than that other people think your stag do was incredible. You can create something classy yet chilled by swapping a real casino for an online one with Videoslots. This site encourages responsible gaming, meaning that you and your friends can play and make great memories without losing too much money and souring the celebration. 

Make Sure Everyone Has A Great Time

At a stag do the groom is important, but so is every guest, so do your best to make sure everyone has fun. Put out a selection of games that everyone can play on so you’re not waiting turns, and put people who know each other together so that you all have a good laugh. If someone needs specific considerations, then do your best to accommodate them so that you all get to have a great night you can reminisce about at anniversary parties for years to come.

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