5 Times Technology Revolutionized the Gaming Industry

Video gaming has existed since the 1950s, when a very simplistic tennis game was developed on an analogue computer, resulting in a fun game that quickly outlined the demand for such a game. Over the next decades, huge developments were made with the focus on bringing video games into arcades and then into people's homes in the 70s.

Technology has transformed the way in which we do many everyday things, and gaming has seen some incredible advances, particularly since the launch of the internet. Here are five of the biggest technology changes that have shaped the gaming industry.

Handheld consoles

The move from playing games in arcades to playing games at home was huge, but the next biggest development was the introduction of handheld consoles. The Microvision console was released in 1979, the world's first handheld video game that had interchangeable cartridges as opposed to the same game. The Nintendo Game Boy will always be remembered by retro gamers for games like Tetris, Super Mario and Zelda. Now we have the Nintendo Switch, which allows you to change it from a stationary console to a handheld console.


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Internet connectivity

The invention of the internet changed everything, not just for gaming but all aspects of life, from education and retail, through to communicating with friends. Before game consoles benefited from the internet connection, players would buy games from a shop and could only play against people in the same room. Now games are downloaded in an instant, and you can play a game with someone who is on the other side of the world, talking to each other whilst you play.


The invention of smartphones changed the game even further. We had previously seen Snake on Nokia phones, but smartphones significantly upped the quality of mobile phone gaming. You can now download apps for millions of different games, many of which are free. Smartphones provided the opportunity to play games like football management or casino games whilst on your journey to work. You can make friends playing against people in Japan, Italy or even New Zealand. Online games the like of spin casino are hugely popular in New Zealand and get great reviews, so you will find lots of people to play against if you fancy trying Roulette, Blackjack or any other casino game. The development of smartphone technology does not stop there, with providers introducing new gadgets on a regular basis.


Virtual Reality gaming was the next huge step in gaming, and whilst this is still relatively new, the impact it has had is massive. This truly immersive gaming experience takes the excitement up another few levels, feeling more like you're a part of the action than ever before. There are numerous variations of VR and accessories - from using VR headsets and goggles to VR gaming gloves that allow players to pick up items.

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The next giant leap in gaming will be the introduction of 5G, which will create an even more impressive gaming experience. Whilst it is too early to understand the full scope of what 5G will bring to the gaming industry, it is likely that the availability of more subscription services will be one of the big wins for gamers. The faster download speeds and the massive reduction in latency will make for a much more enjoyable gaming experience, so there is plenty to look forward to when 5G is fully rolled out.

When you see how far we have come in the last decade, it is very exciting to think about what the next decade has in store for the gaming industry!

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