James Bond's Greatest Casino Moments

When it comes to winning big at the tables on the big screen, there's only one name need be mentioned: Bond, James Bond. Agent 007 has spent over half a century as the premiere cinematic gambler, be he played by Connery, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan or Craig. Even George Lazenby got in on the action. And it's fair to say that whoever replaces Daniel Craig after the upcoming Bond release NO TIME TO DIE will end up sitting at the table or spinning the wheel at some point himself.

There is something about the combination of this super-suave super-spy and games of chance that has proven irresistible to audiences going all the way back to the early 1960's. Even in these increasingly politically correct times - where even 007 himself will be temporarily replaced by a female version in the upcoming film - the simple indulgence of seeing someone in complete command of a gaming table remains a guilty pleasure to viewers worldwide. 

It's astonishing to look back at how far casino gaming has come from DR. NO until today. In fact, it's not outrageous that one day a future James Bond will do all his gaming in the digital world - tuxedo-clad, naturally. And now at this moment of major evolution in the world of casino gaming - where a player like Gambla gets awarded for its Green Gambling initiative - it's a perfect moment to celebrate the best casino moments of a man who knows a thing or two about evolution himself, the one and only 007. 



Don't forget to check out the next James Bond release - NO TIME TO DIE - in theaters in 2020. This will be Daniel Craig's swansong in the role. We're rooting for Tom Hardy to get the call and take over going forward. And hopefully the next James Bond will make it north of the border, as we know a place to play free slots in Canada. You're welcome anytime, Mr. Bond! 




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