How Video Games Are Turned Into Comics

Nowadays, video games are very popular among the youth. Games allow players to try out different characteristics that they would ideally like to have. Comic books are also coming back to popularity because people watch new TV programs featuring comic book characters.

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What Can a Comic Do for Storytelling That a Game Can’t?

Comics are an art form in which words and pictures are blended together in an integral way to tell you a story. As compared to films or video games, comics is the only art form in which the reader can choose to alter the element of time. Comics also deepen and extend mythology in ways that just aren’t possible in the game. There isn’t enough time to explore every character thoroughly in the game. Hence, the developers have to make some hard choices about where to focus their story.

There’s also different pacing to comics that make them interesting as a medium. Comics represent a unique nexus of various story-telling techniques and they can be made in a shorter amount of time as compared to games.

How Do Comics Work?

In the past years, comics were conceived as a bonus or promotional material but developers are now making video-game related comics. Comics help players understand the motives of the opponent and their common past with the character of the game. Comics work best with the game because if you didn’t play the game, the comic may feel a little bit empty and inconclusive.

You can still enjoy comics without playing the game. Comic readers have a story that gradually unfolds and evolves over time. But that’s not the case with comics for games. They’re an introduction for the action that’s about to take place, so you’re not waiting for the next chapter, you’re waiting to play the game.

Do the Writers of Comics and Games Work Together?

Most studios offer a big window for creativity to the comic-makers. They usually have long talks about what the game is trying to communicate. Then, they present story concepts until the team is satisfied with the story they’re going to develop.

Writers always collaborate with the developers during the whole production of each comic. Sometimes they’re given pitches or background stories to work on and at other times they come up with their own ideas. It is absolutely essential that the comics live up to the standard of the games so writers share their material with the developers at every step.

Best Platform for Putting Comics Nowadays

Digital comics are great and the presentation on-screen is inclusive and vibrant. Authors taking the delivery platform into account while writing the stories can really bring something special to the table. Most popular comics are available in both the digital and physical formats. Some readers like the weekly format, others prefer the bulky monthlies and others want to binge on the trade paperback books.

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