Follow Tech Trends While Keeping Your Cash

Stay On Top of the Latest Tech Trends Without Breaking the Bank


Most of us, if not all--especially urban dwellers, can not live without cell phones and other gadgets for communication, socializing, and entertainment. In fact, an estimated 4.68 billion people in the world own mobile phones. This is expected to pass the 5 billion mark by the end of 2019. With the constant advancement in technology, upgrading to the latest tech for the different aspects of our daily living comes at a hefty price tag. So, how do you keep up with the increasing costs of the gadgets that are a "must-have" in your geek collection? Here's how to stay on top of the last tech trends without breaking the bank. 

Distinguish between needs and wants.

While we are enticed by new releases and the latest version of a series of gadgets, it is best to weigh out your options. Determine if that investment will enrich your quality of life like having an anti-glare characteristic or better gaming quality, for example. If you're a professional gamer, will it save you cash or make you earn you more in the long run? Will it increase your productivity? Prioritizing your wants versus needs will help you determine what items you need for your geek collection. 

Consider Monthly instalments

Another great option is to sign up for a payment instalment plan using credit to pay for your gadget. This may be a better alternative to purchasing with cash as you can pay the off the product little-by-little every month. However, you need to consider your current cash flow as paying the monthly bill plus interest may hurt your budget in the long run. Before you decide on your next gadget purchase, check the payment terms and interest rates with your bank. Confirm if their marketed zero-interest promo is still ongoing and the retail prices with the shop.

Check out reviews of newly released items

Allow some time to pass to give way to trusted reviews of real users who have already bought the product. This way, you will gain an insider's review on the item and determine if the product works as promised and meets your expectations. You may also search for reviews and unboxing videos on Youtube for the product you have in mind to give you an immersive feel. Get to know the issues that come with the product and weigh your options out. Determine whether you can tolerate them or if you need to wait for the next improved version. 

While the world of tech continues to grow, you don’t want to go broke with your gadget habit. Take your time, do your homework, build a savings entirely for potential gadgets, and you will be able to afford your geek lifestyle.

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