Becky Lynch A Sensation After Session With The Rock

Rumors were brewing up for quite some time as we anticipated the return of Dwayne "The Rock'' Johnson to WWE. As hinted by WWE News, The Rock was all set to make a comeback in WWE's debut with the Fox Star Network. WWE had been trying to get The Rock to return for the first-ever SmackDown episode on FOX. There was a dream debut for WWE as the franchise was going to be broadcasted on the FoxbNetwoek. With The Rock making an appearance, the ratings are bound to go through the roof. As seen in the past, all of Dwayne Johnson's returns have unfolded into unexpected scenarios, but The Rock's return to WWE on the Friday Night's segment of SmackDown was as entertaining as it gets. 

As the episode progressed, we saw a power-driven and obnoxious King of the Ring, Baron Corbin confront Becky 'The Man' Lynch and failing miserably to humiliate her. Even before The Rock showed up Baron was already getting onto people's nerves and the crowd started to rally behind Becky Lynch. But nevertheless, The People's champion has had enough of Baron's drama and took it upon himself to put an end to it. 

It was then that we saw the most electrifying man in the history of sports entertainment walk up to the ring. Dwayne Johnson humiliated Baron in a classic. 'The Rock' fashion. He even made testicle-jokes about the King of the Ring and we saw Baron turn into a puddle of embarrassment. In fact, the Brahma Bull even got the entire audience chanting 'S.T.D' for Corbin. Even Becky was not far behind as she too joined in with one of Dwayne's trademarks - 'it doesn't matter what you think'. Becky became a sensation by sharing the stage with The Great One. 

After Baron has had his fair share of humiliation, the duo decided to let it all out on The King of the Ring. There was a fury of punches and a few kicks to the torso before The Rock landed him one of the finest People's elbows and followed it up with a Rock-Bottom. Becky too joined the party with her patented Leg-drop.

This was Rock's first appearance since the WrestleMania 32 when he was confronted by the Wyatt Family. Sadly 'The Rock' won't be starring any headliner event any sooner as he had announced a quiet retirement from wrestling in August this year, but appearances like these are always going to fill the fans with excitement and awe. 

What most people don't know about The Rock' and Becky's little team-up was that it was actually desired by 'The Great One' himself to have a segment with Becky 'The Man' Lynch. Days before Rock's confirmed appearance on SmackDown, news surfaced from a trusted source that the Rock wanted his segment to be with Becky Lynch and that “The Rock will be “very disappointed” if he isn’t involved in a segment with Becky Lynch.

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