Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Website 

Setting up a website is relatively easy most especially that you can use website builder tool. There are also free themes and templates that you can use. But the challenge begins in building traffic to your site. Before you increase sales, you must have solid traffic on your site daily. Do not worry because we will share some tips that will help you increase traffic to your website.



  • Publish high quality and original content – content will always be king and there’s nothing more effective in attracting people to your site than by giving them high quality and original content. They stay and come back to your site because you offer something substantial and that’s the most important thing. So make sure to always publish high quality content whether articles, images, videos or anything. 
  • Come up with various promotions – consumers in general love promotions whether just a small discount. Thus, it is highly advisable to come up with various promotions to attract more traffic to your site. You can do special discount or incentive for new members. With this, they can spread the word and more people will be encouraged to sign up. It would be great to come up with different promotions that will make them look forward to every week or month.
  • Promote your link in social media – one of the best ways to promote your site is through social media. Lots of people are in various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others and there’s no better venue to reach them than in these platforms. It is advisable to include link of your site in your profile and ask friends to do the same. You can also create official accounts for your site to post announcements, promotions and other things you want to share.
  • Do keyword research – it is also important to do keyword research so you know terms or keywords the consumers use when searching for products you offer. You should also include long term keywords and related terms to cover everything. It would be great if you will rank high in these keywords so your site appears in first page of the search results.
  • Send promo emails or Newsletter – lastly, you can also send email promotions containing latest offers or come up with a more formal Newsletter to address your audience. 



Success does not necessarily happen in an instant especially with new websites. It is important to do it the right way and build a strong foundation. You should increase traffic by following the tips that we discussed here. Do not resort to any shortcuts like buying traffic because this can even hurt you in the end. Who knows if the traffic that are promised to you are just bots and not real people then it’s useless too. Also, you can even be penalised by search engines for trying to cheat your way. So make sure to do it the right way. With consistent efforts in publishing high quality content and promoting in social media, you will eventually increase traffic to your site. And with solid traffic, for sure, you will see increase in sales too.

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