Review - The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is here!

Samsung, the electronics giant, came up with the latest variant of its infamous notebook series. The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro was unveiled to the world on March 17, 2019. Another variant with the name ‘Notebook 9 Pen’ also released on the same day. Notebook 9 Pro being the radical version of the two.

Before you jump off your seats or whatever fluffy surface are you sitting on to get one for yourself, here is a take on this Samsung's latest :



The eye-catching features of any gadget is its design and looks. Samsung claims to have researched after the detest they faced after the release of the notebook’s last version.

However, the claim looks unlikely to please the gadget freaks as they are almost certain that Samsung has again gone with very few advancements to its design and could have done better on factors like edge design, weight and port availability. It is better from the last one but not satisfactory.



Coming to the goods, Notebook 9 Pro comes with a power-packed battery life performance. The battery performance of Notebook 9 Pro is rated higher than its competitors like Apple’s Macbook Air (2018). Now, you can utilize your live Blackjack bonus to play casino games for longer periods of time!



The display of Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is just the display one can expect from a premium bracket device. The display dons thin bezels at the top and sides with a 13.3-inch full-HD touchscreen. The colours are very accurate and a 360-degree hinge further extends to its list of pros.

The people who have used the device seem pretty happy with the display Samsung is offering with accordance with the screen size. However, the weight of this 2-in-1 laptop disrupts the chance of people making true use of the 360-degree hinge it offers. It is unlikely that anyone will use it as a tablet with that burden on their little palms.



Coming into existence as a premium product with the name tag of ‘Samsung’ equips the device with various innovational features. It comes with all the necessary features that a premium laptop is supposed to have with some add-ons that come mandatorily for belonging to the Samsung family.

Samsung is providing an Active Pen, which enables you to write, draw and doodle on the efficient Notebook 9 Pro’s screen. 

It also has three USB-C ports, two of which support Thunderbolt 3, the fastest data transfer and notebook charging technology the world knows of.



The 9 Pro has proved itself quite good when it comes to performance. It has focused on creative customers who can multi-function with it and put the special features it has to offer on use. No basic performance issues have been reported about it as of now and it seems like it will go swiftly in the future as well. Daily professional works like using the browser, emailing, official apps and other productivity apps run flawlessly. 

However, it offers a below-average to average performance when it comes to gaming. So, heavy gamers might be disappointed.

The not-so-efficient GPU rendering takes away the chance of calling it a fare device to perform tasks like video editing. 


Verdict :

All in all, the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is a device which can be opted for its decent performance, innovative features and the premium feel it comes with. It packs all the features that can be expected of a premium two-in-one laptop. 

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