How to Layer Motorcycle Clothing for a Road Trip

Motorcycle Clothing for a Road Trip

You don’t have to put your motorcycle in storage when the weather gets cooler. Street motorcycle riding gear can be layered to stay warm without a lot of bulk. Modern sportswear is very conducive to layering, but there is a system to ensure warmth isn’t loss through your riding gear. Smart layering keeps you from turning into a Popsicle and ensures that you enjoy the ride.

Think Layers

Depending on the cold where you’re riding, you might want to start with athletic thermal underwear that will keep you warm without creating a lot of bulk. Thermal base layers keep in your natural body heat, while allowing for circulation. You’ll want your base layers to fit well and cover your body completely.

The middle layers should be comfortable and warm. Fleece is a great material for creating warmth. You want to be able to slip these layers off if you get too warm, so make sure these clothes have easy buttons and zippers. Motorcycle sweatshirts are made to fit under protective gear.

The outer layer of your outfit keeps the wind and frigid air away from your body. Get a windproof coat that is a little longer in the arms and torso than you think you’ll want. You need the cuffs to completely cover your arms to your gloves. This prevents cold air from getting into your body to keep you warmer.

Accessories That Give You More Warmth

Remember when your mom told you to wear your scarf in the winter to help keep you warm? Your neck is especially sensitive to the cold. If your jacket doesn’t cover it completely, get a neck tube or scarf that you can wrap around your neck to block out the wind. Make sure it fits around your helmet without adding a lot of bulk.

Another sensitive body part is your extremities. Interestingly, when your body gets cold, one of the first places you’ll feel it is in your fingers. That’s because your body is trying to get more blood to your core, which means your extremities aren’t getting as much circulation. If your core is warm, your fingers are less likely to go numb. Handguards, grip warmers and gloves will keep your hands warmer when you’re out on the road.

For your feet, you’ll want waterproof boots and wool socks. When you layer your clothes, make sure that you’re not allowing cold air to get through the layers. You want good seals at your pant legs to keep the cold from attacking your body.

Finally, motorcycle helmets for layering need to keep cold air out and prevent fogging. You may need to look for a helmet that keeps the cold air from coming in through the bottom. A pinlock visor can help with the fogging issue.

Dress Before Going Outside

Stay warm by getting dressed with all your gear, down to the gloves and helmet, before you ever touch anything outside. If you open the garage door with your bare hands, you’ll lose heat that will be hard to regain while you’re riding. If you layer properly, you’ll be able to take one layer off as the day warms up.

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