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The bright lights and crinkle of cards have always been an alluring topic for filmmakers. A lot of famous epics have been set in casinos, and it shows us the world we’re not still privy to. Consequently, you can imagine that a lot of films take their shot at getting the casino sorted and nailed. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the best films which have casinos as the primary setting, and they’ve all been chosen by


Counting cards and employing some considerable mathematics skills are dreams that many have, but few accomplish. That’s why this film, 21, gives people a chance to live out the fantasy from the comfort of their home. The film follows the exploits of a group of highly intelligent students, who are trained in card counting and then decide to test their skills against the casinos in Las Vegas. The film is from 2008 and always provides a good thrill, so it’s worth watching if you get the chance.

The Ocean’s Series

We can’t talk about casinos in movies without mentioning perhaps one of the most influential and well-known film series in the last 30 years - Ocean’s Eleven through Eight. And no, that’s not a mistake. The films begin with Danny Ocean and his team of friends attempting to hit three casinos at the same time, and they go on to succeed… multiple times, in fact! It’s a hugely popular series which saw people like George Clooney and Brad Pitt add to their already impressive collection of films.

The most recent entry into the franchise, Ocean’s Eight, was a modern retelling of the films. While the premise is the same (rob the casinos, make money), it focused on an all-female team led by a relative of Danny. With Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock at the helm, there’s no doubt that this was an awesome movie to see. However, it does the job of letting people live out fantasies of robbing casinos, outwitting corporations and walking away with millions.

The Sting

Last but by no means least on our selection of films is the 1978 classic hit The Sting. Despite the name and glamorous casinos, this is a true story based on real events. From the opening sequence which delivers a gritty murder right off the bat, and the natural promise of revenge, The Sting tells the tale of gangsters and a conman who work together to steal from a mobster. It may be accurate, but the amount of random hilarity and chaos that ensues leaves you questioning how people manage these schemes. Fans of retro films will notice that this lacks the special effects and obvious CGI that we see in modern premieres. Just a word of warning - this isn’t high-quality HD! You’ll get a standard you aren’t used to, but you have to remember you aren’t watching for the visual effects. Instead, you’re watching for the drama and story.

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