The Learning Power of Lego

When we think of games and playing, we always get a clear image of a little boy or a girl playing with Lego blocks. This ingeniously devised playing bricks first appeared in the late forties and have been one of the most wanted toys used for both playing and learning. We are going to talk about statistics later; now we would like to focus on various benefits a child can draw from playing with these amazing blocks.

How Lego Helps Children Develop Essential Qualities?

First of all, building various things with Lego bricks boosts your imagination and creativity. It is also proved that children who play with lego have enhanced their fine motor skills, as well as logic and reasoning. They will also have admirable problem-solving abilities.

So if you decide to try your luck with a variety of casino card games like Baccarat, you better spend hours playing with lego as a child. Believe it or not, this can improve your odds of winning considerably.


The Years of Constant Development

Let’s go back in time to see how Lego started a revolution in children’s play and education.

What is nowadays known as one of the most coveted toys for children of all ages started modestly in the late forties. This brand has developed constantly by being attentive to the demands and needs of the market. You can find at least one groundbreaking moment in each decade of their existence.

In the 1950s, for example, they introduced a “Town Plan,” making the first system of bricks for building various shapes and objects.

The 1960s were marked by expansion in the American market as well as the disastrous fire that made Lego people give up making wooden bricks.

This was an extremely prodigious decade for Lego because of world-famous Duplo bricks for the youngest saw the light of day.

In the seventies, Lego focused on girls and offered them fully equipped dollhouses. This was the decade when the first smiling Lego figures appeared.

The 1980s were reserved for grown-up Lego lovers because the first Technic set appeared on the market.  

The first Lego creations and their builders entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Years beyond 2000 were the years of introducing innovations and expanding the Lego impact on various fields.

We were surprised to find out that Lego invested some serious time and effort in devising “Lego Serious Play” methodology that should help companies get the fresh ideas to improve and enhance quality and power of their brand.


What is “Lego Serious Play” and How It Works?

The whole idea of Lego Serious Play methodology stems from the two core values Lego promotes — innovation and creativity. People who created the “Lego Serious Play” system believed that these features could be transferred to the business world and help companies to find optimal solutions for the challenges they face.

Everything started in 1996 when the man who stands behind the Lego empire met with two scientists from Switzerland to devise an alternative system for strategic planning. All of them understood the importance of employees in this process. They ended up creating a system based on Lego elements that presented issues and challenges they needed to overcome by applying an adaptive and changeable strategy.

Another company was then established responsible for developing this new methodology and presenting it to companies.


LSP Methodology as a Problem Solving Solution

LSP consists of two separate stages. In the first stage, employees build 3D Lego models that represent metaphorically various issues they have to face in their companies like the story that stands behind their brand or various user experience. In this way, they can express some great ideas or innovations that they were storing in far recesses of their minds.

The second stage involves interaction with other colleagues. The participants exchange models among themselves, and then the constructive discussion follows where they analyze all the ideas and strive to create the ultimate solutions for their issues. That’s how Lego serves for building innovative solutions in the business field.

Lego Serious Play aims to make it easier for companies to better understand their consumers' needs. They should also help to develop the brand identity and the strategies for further improvement. Providing a different angle of looking at problems usually leads to finding more efficient solutions.

Today, Lego is a world famous toy brand that has expanded its influence and promoted its core values, creativity, and innovation in other significant fields like business, engineering, and even the movie industry. We believe that Lego people have so much more to offer in the years ahead of us, which will strengthen their power and influence.

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