What to Get an Anime Fan (Other Than Anime)

Almost everyone knows at least one person who's all about anime. They are on Veoh watching episode after episode, they have characters they would fist-fight over, they dream of learning to use the katana, and they may even have a foreigner level understanding of Japanese. It can be a good life for the right kind of person.

Of course, there's also the world around this anime fan, and that world isn't always so accommodating to people who have a different way of looking at things. This world can be downright hostile in some cases. What do you do when you want to show an anime fanatic that you care about them, even if there may be an understanding gap? You find a gift that will let them live a portion of their fantasies in a safe way.


Symbols of Understanding

Some people go to local Asian food markets, not because they know much about how to cook in an Asian style, but just because they love to design aesthetic of foreign products. In a lot of cases, the very same artistic hunger that drives someone into loving anime and manga will also cause them to love the color schemes, kanji, and other elements that make Japanese products super appealing.

The symbols, also known as kanji, are an intricate way to read. Seeing as there are thousands of these symbols, learning to read them takes even the best students years to truly master. For the person in your life who loves the challenge of this sort of learning, it can be a truly wonderful thing to receive a new set to learn each month.


The Taste of Another World

In some ways, Japan is a truly unique country that has both a history and a way of doing things that no one else in the world can truly compete with. This has led to some genuinely unique culinary creations that the rest of the world may turn up its collective nose at. However, this isn't to say that what the Japanese have for snacking is necessarily bad in any way.

In fact, this taste of another world may be precisely what that anime fan you've been struggling to find an excellent gift for has been dreaming of. The ability to munch on something, and know it would normally only be available in Japan, is a genuinely different experience for many people.


The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Many of the gifts in this world are only given once, and are then all but forgotten. No matter how much buzz many gifts received on the first day, in a few days, there's just so much less to get excited about. But then, what about the subscription way, where a new box comes every month? Ordering someone a set of Bokksu isn't just a great thing once, but a great thing every month for as long as they adore Japanese culture.

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