The Best In Movie Themed Slots

Slots are some of the most popular games at online casinos all over the world, and it is little wonder. They are fun, easy to play and offer great bonuses and payouts. To make things more exciting and appeal to different players, software developers work hard to create unique slots, and themed games are some of the most followed. Film based slots, in particular, have a solid following, so looks at some of the best movie theme slots available at casinos across the net.


Man of Steel

From the programming genius of Playtech, and part of their DC Super Heroes series comes Man of Steel. Based on the rebooted Superman that became a box-office smash in 2013 the game is based on the film that charted the origins of everyone's favourite pants over tights-wearing superhero with a cape. To be fair, his trademark suit also got something of a reboot and is now sleeker and less, well nerdy. In this game, you will find all of your favourite characters include the man himself, played ably in the film by Henry Cavill. Of course, there are appearances from Perry White, and his adoptive parents Martha and Jonathan Kent. There are 25 pay lines, which doubles to a massive 50 when you hit the hidden Krypton free games, and plenty of other bonuses and a jackpot game that is guaranteed to land you one of four fantastic mystery jackpots.



‘I’ll be back’ was the promise made in the first film of the franchise and indeed he was. Terminator 2: Judgment Day follows on from the first film that sees Sarah Connor and John Connor on the run from the unyielding and slightly terrifying T-1000. This film was the highest grossing of his career for star Arnold Schwarzenegger and owned the title of the highest grossing film in 1991. It went on to win an Oscar for the Best Visual Effects and will remain a total legend forever. In this slot based tribute, the action continues, and you will find Sarah, John, Arnie and the terrifying melting terminator that is the stuff of nightmares. Loads of free spins, exciting rewards and more in this 1024 pay lines game that will keep fans totally enthralled for hours.


Top Gun

For something a little less terrifying but still action-packed and high adrenaline, we join the best of the best, the pilots of the Top Gun academy. Join Iceman, Goose, Jester and Charlie in this feature-packed game that compliments the movie. The game is bought to you by Playtech, and for some reason, pint-sized hero Maverick is not there, perhaps he was off on a mission that day. They have even managed to capture the most iconic of the soundtrack songs, and you will be treated to a snipped of Take My Breath Away as you trigger a spin. With loads of bonus and extra wilds, there are Danger Zone Free Games and more in this exciting aerial game that takes slots to the sky and beyond.

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