6 Ways to Fully Prepare for a Movie Night

Even though the world has moved on to faster, more comfortable means of watching movies such as streaming, there's always going to be something extra special about having a movie night with friends.    

Whether you're enjoying a night out at the movies or inviting your friends over, getting entertained watching movies remains one of the best ways to bond with friends, regardless of your age bracket.

However, planning a movie night can be a difficult task, especially if you've never had one before. Here are some tips to help you plan a movie night like a professional:

  1. Define the theme.

Having a theme is one of the things people miss out when planning movie nights. Having a movie night theme can make your hangout a whole lot more fun. The theme should convey the genre of movie(s) you want to watch and can even influence your choice of outfit for the night.

For example, you can theme the night a "scary 90s night" to let your guests know you'll be watching scary horror movies from the 90s. It also helps you prevent showing your audience something they’re uncomfortable with.

If you're going to extend your movie theme into an outfit theme, you can go with pajamas-themed movie night, so everyone feels comfortable and snugly.

2. Location

Preparing the perfect place for your movie night will take into account a lot of things, but primarily, those are the comfort of your guests and how well you know them. While old friends can decide to do something outdoors or in a more adventurous location, new friends and people you're just getting to meet are better entertained in your home.

  1. Prepare the snacks and munchies.

If you're going to be seeing a movie for a couple of hours, chances are you might get hungry, and that's something you want to avoid. Apart from the risk of missing out on an essential part of the movie, you also risk drawing the ire of your fellow movie night-ers if you're constantly going to grab a bite.

Besides, everyone enjoys munching on something while watching a movie. Snacks can vary, from crunchy favorites like popcorn and planters peanuts to burgers, or even the unconventional - steak. It's also important to have more than enough snacks close to prevent you from having to get up in the middle of the movie.  

Drinks are very important, too. Don't forget them.

4. Prepare an intermission.

Every excellent movie night deserves a timeout session, a period in which everyone is allowed to voice out their opinions about the movie. Intermissions are sure to make movie nights more fun. You and your friends can exchange views and even theories on how the film will turn out.

If you can apply all these tips, you can rest assured that your movie night is going to be a hit with your friends.

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