Top Movies About Famous Musicians

Movies are synonymous with relaxation and celebrations. Irrespective of the occasion, movies provide you with a wonderful sense of enjoyment. In almost all leisure and celebrations, people flock the movie halls for having a good time. And what if you get to see movies that are based on some famous musicians that you have always admired? It can be a great way to admire, pay homage or respect to these great and creative people. This is what movies made on music personalities do. Some of the UK smartphone slots are based on these movies and really add to the creativity and let the audience feel fantastic.


Popular Movies Based On Musicians

Walk the Line: This movie is known for wonderful soundtracks. The movie is based on the singer Johnny Cash and his story of rising to stardom. The soundtrack is lovely along with great lyrics. The character of Cash has been wonderfully portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix along with a strong performance by Reese Witherspoon as June Carter. The movie depicts the different stages of the life of Johnny Cash.


Ray: This depicts the life of Ray Charles, the famous musician. Jamie Foxx is at his masterpiece when he portrays the character of Charles, who was blind. The film was directed by Taylor Hackford also has some amazing soundtracks that are taken from some original soundtracks of Charles. The movie is a must watch if you wish to know more about this great musician.


La Bamba: Yes, you guessed it right! This popular movie is based on the life of Ritchie Valens who rose to stardom in the late 1950s. The film is all about his life and his struggles in his musical and love life. The role has been wonderfully depicted by Lou Diamond Phillips. Other actors and actresses have acted wonderfully.


Let's Get Lost: Let's Get Lost is a biographical depiction of the famous jazz artist Chet Baker. It has been made in the form of a documentary and follows Baker to different music festivals across the globe. It also provides a glimpse into the sordid history of the musician. The film features lots of interviews, archival photos, and raw footage of his interactions.


Amadeus: This film is based on Mozart and his famous creations. It has been directed by Milos Forman and Tom Hulce acts as Mozart. F. Murray Abraham wonderfully depicts the character of his competitor and colleague Antonio Salieri. All the soundtracks in the movie are based on original melodies of Mozart.


Love and Mercy: The film is based on the life of Brian Wilson, the co-founder of the band The Beach Boys. The film depicts the hardships and the crippling mental illness he suffers, his addiction to drugs and his exiting the band.


In addition to these movies, there are some more movies that are based on famous musicians. They are Lady Sings the Blues, Low Down, Sid and Nancy, Straight outta Compton. All these movies are known for their great acting, plot and soundtrack.

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