Here We Go Again!

A week into 2019 sees us looking at the rumours and speculation that are starting to circulate about the new iPhone not due to be announced until this September.

For those that have not bought into Apple and especially the iPhone the excitement that surrounds any new device can be a little bemusing, but for those that have totally bought into Apple then these rumours provide us with possibilities, some of which can be pretty far-fetched.

We have come to rely on our mobiles for so much more than updating our social media sites. We carry out a multitude of tasks that would have previously eaten into our busy schedules.

Not only do we carry out tasks, increasingly we are also sourcing our entertainment.

Convenience is the name of the game and finding a mobile casino pay by phone bill is simple to do. Once you have found your perfect site then your games will be available every hour of the day to pick up or not as you wish.

Playing games in this way has proven to be so successful that most games today are optimized for the smaller screens making games both exiting and enjoyable to play, a far cry from those first casino games we were offered.

If we are to believe the rumours, this year's iPhone could quite possible be the oddest design ever. Rumoured as having a total of three cameras arranged in a triangle with a flash to the side housed in a big bump is not going to go down well with many iPhone owners.

This is because there have already been many complaints from users about the hill on the modern devices so something bigger is defiantly not going to be popular.

There is some speculation that these cameras will allow in more light and colour but also there have been some rumours that say that this strange arrangement might allow for the phone to see in 3D.

If this is correct then the device might be able to be used for augmented reality or for even taking three-dimensional photos.

What features the next iPhone will bring with it is, like all previous years, a guess at best, but all of the leaks, speculation and rumours add to the excitement and entertainment of the wait, and even if you are not an iPhone owner the more bizarre stories will still raise a smile.

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