How Effective Are Birthday Marketing Emails?

As companies become savvier, they require more information from customers when they sign up for newsletters and the like. Instead of just entering an email address and perhaps a name, businesses might want a postal code as well as a birthdate. Sometimes this data is used to keep spam bots from signing up, but other times it is specifically for creating more detailed customer profiles.  This is where the birthday email comes in. Fast food companies might send an email containing a coupon for a free burger or a dessert. A tech company might offer you 50 percent off all accessories on your birthday. At any rate, birthday emails are kind of a big deal in marketing automation.

Why Birthday Emails Make Consumers Feel Special

Consider just how you spend most of your birthdays. Do you go in to work as usual or are you always able to take the day off, throw yourself a smashing good birthday party, or go away on holiday? Most people find themselves spending their birthdays like any other ordinary day. If you are lucky, you might get a call from your mum or have a significant other take you out to dinner. After childhood, birthdays just aren’t that big of a deal. And that is probably why birthday email promotions are just so effective. Imagine sitting at your birthday and seeing an email come across your screen. You learn that a product that you have really been wanting to purchase is suddenly available at a steep discount, specifically because the company ‘remembered’ that it was your birthday. You might find it very hard to avoid making a purchase in the moment.

How Businesses Can Count On Increase Business On Birthdays

Most retailers, both online and bricks and mortar, do the majority of their business during the winter holiday season, back to school shopping season, and at other limited times of the year. For the most part, consumers have to have a reason to go shopping for non-essential goods. Birthdays are one of the few times where customers generally don’t mind splurging a bit on themselves. Companies with strong marketing departments can leverage birthday emails and incentives into cold, hard cash. Offer consumers discounts that are not available the other 364 days of the year and they will generate profits. Alternatively, get them to sign up for clubs and in-store savings so that they can get a free product or service on their birthday, and they are bound to spend money for the rest of the year.

The Simplicity of Sending a Birthday Marketing Email

Find a good email title that hopefully includes the words, ‘free,’ ‘special,’ or ‘just for you,’ to send on consumers’ birthdays and you will get more business straight away. The fact of the matter is that people like discounts almost as much as they like having their special day recognised. There are lots of businesses that do not capitalise on birthday email promotions, so you can stand out just by sending a happy birthday message.

Building Goodwill with Special Birthday Incentives

Speaking of happy birthday messages, consider how companies also jump on the birthday bandwagon when it comes to popular culture. Sometimes companies will celebrate their own ‘birthdays,’ offering customers special sales and discounts simply for being loyal.  The simple truth is that birthdays are special, and when your company is open to celebrating them you build a bit of goodwill with customers. They begin looking out for emails from you the whole year round, not just on their birthdays. In addition, these customers will believe that you have their best intentions at heart as well.

Keeping the Birthday Momentum Going

After sending an email on a consumer’s birthday, you have to keep sending birthday messages at the same time each year. It only gets a bit tricky on the rare chance that a customer is born on a leap year. Otherwise, just be certain that your marketing automation is set to send out a warm birthday message as well as some sort of coupon, and that customer will keep you in his or her thoughts the whole year around.

In short, birthday email promotions are one of the easiest but effective methods of marketing that an online business can participate in. The most difficult part of the entire process is getting consumers to give up their birthdate, without telling them what your company’s plans are. So, if you can, perhaps even hint that all consumers who respond with accurate information are in line for a special gift or treat. Sending out this one special email promotion once per year can even help your business to build a relationship with new consumers that will last a lifetime. Just don’t forget to send out those birthday wishes in a timely fashion each and every year.

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