Gaming Chairs: Gimmick & Waste Of Money No More!

We'll admit it. From the very beginning of their introduction to the market, we were total skeptics about the very concept of gaming chairs. The initial impression was a gussied up desk chair with a few bells and whistles priced to squeeze a few extra dollars out of gamers. Despite years of hardcore gaming across multiple generations of systems, computers and Japanese imports, this has always been one area of gaming fandom that was seemingly a bridge too far for many but the most hardcore of consumers. 
Today, however, that's all changing. Improved technology and comfort, a drop in entry costs and a new generation of homes filled with big screen televisions, surround sound and gaming rooms has broadened the appeal of this hybrid furniture piece. People are now growing up with gaming chairs in their homes. They have officially arrived.
Still, the question remains: which is the best gaming chair to buy?
If you're in the market for a new gaming chair, we strongly suggest you do your homework. A host of brands and competitors have stepped in to take advantage of a broadened market and there's much confusion to be had. Be sure and find a gaming chair that suits the type of gaming you focus in. Computer gamers will want a classic high-backed gaming chair (as seen above), which now come with a host of upgrades for your comfort and immersive audio/visual experience. Console gamers also have plenty of options, including floor-rockers and all sorts of need Playstation and XBOX-friendly features. 
It's fair to say that as the gaming times - and the homes in which we play - continue to change and evolve, so too will gaming chairs themselves. Educating yourself as a consumer early will put you in the best position to take advantage of this technological evolution. So that one day, when you're sitting in your gaming room with a dedicated, motion-activated, VR-equipped, online gaming chair - holodeck, anyone? - you can say that you were into it first. 
The future, gamers, is bright. And comfortable.  
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