The Best LEGO Ninjago Sets

LEGO Ninjago is a theme that LEGO introduced in 2011, featuring elements from the fictional realm of Ninjago. The line became an instant hit among fans of the Ninja series and LEGO enthusiasts.

To help you find the best set, we curated a list of the best LEGO Ninjago sets and characters that you can give as presents to Ninjago fans, or keep for yourself!  


Green Ninja Dragon (70612)

Bring the action of the Lego Ninjago Movie to life with this Green Ninja Mech Dragon set that includes four minifigures: Garmadon, The Green Ninja, Charlie, and Wu. It comes with 544 pieces of LEGO bricks, and once assembled, you can play with the Ninja Mech Dragon 's wheel-activated swooshing tail, working snapping teeth, stud shooters, and much more. The model also comes with assorted weapons such as Garmadon’s laser-style pointer, and the Green Ninja’s sword. The Green Ninja Dragon set is made for ages eight and up.


Lightning Jet (70614)

This thrilling LEGO Ninjago Lightning Jet lets your kids rescue Jay's parents Ed and Edna from the Shark Army Thug. The lightning jet measures almost seven inches high and features a handle for easy pick-up-and-play. It also comes with a spring-loaded shooter, and an opening cockpit where you can place one of the included minifigures (Jay, Shark Army Thug, Ed, Edna, Crusty, and Jelly). Weapons include Crusty's fish chainsaw, the fish hammer used by Shark Army Thug, and stud-shooter carried by Jelly. The set has 876 pieces of LEGO bricks, and is recommended for kids ages nine to 14.


Dragons Forge (70627)

Help Kai and Nya stage a rescue operation with the LEGO Ninjago Dragon’s Forge set. It has 1137 pieces, with accessories and characters based on the latest season of the TV series “Hands of Time”. The Dragon's Forge opens to reveal the interior play-starting features such as a hidden Dragon Dagger feature on the front steps, a leisure area, and a turning chimney function. Weapon accessories include Slackjaw’s Vermillion and Commander Raggmunk helmets, and red snake elements. There are lots of functions and play features for kids ages eight and up to discover on this Dragons Forge LEGO set.


LEGO Ninjago Movie Master Falls 70608

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Master Falls set includes 312 pieces and is suitable for kids ages seven to 14 years old. It provides an age-appropriate build, with easy to follow instructions and that will sure bring a great building session among kids. The jungle bridge in this set has a hidden cave where Kai can find a skeleton holding a secret map. Three minifigures are included in the box: Master Wu, Jungle Garmadon, and Kai. Each with their own weapons: Kai's 2 katanas, Garmadon's 4 swords, and Master Wu's staff.


Ninjago Garmadon’s Volcano Lair 70631

Enter Garmadon's Volcano Lair with the LEGO Ninjago Movie construction set number 70631. Designed for ages eight to 14, this has Garmadon’s throne room, an entrance shaped like  Garmadon’s face, a volcano launch function, and Steve's computer laboratory. Minifigures include Garmadon, Steve and Four Eyes, General #1, Zane, and a shark figure. Put together 521 pieces of LEGO bricks and recreate Ninjago Movie scenarios.  


LEGO Ninjago City Chase 70607 Building Kit

The Ninjago City Chase set includes 233 pieces and offers a great play experience for children ages 7-to-14. The City Chase set is one of the products released by LEGO to celebrate the Ninjago film. It features five minifigures:  Lloyd Garmadon and Nya which are dressed in street clothes, Shark Army Thug, Ham, and Officer Toque. Kids will enjoy playing with a 3-wheel police tuc-tuc vehicle, and a food stall that features assorted food elements such as 3 cherries, 3 apples and 2 fish.

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