Top Insights Into Football Videos On YouTube

Although the FIFA World Cup is over, the trail of football fever still continues amongst the people. With France declared the deserving winner, the match videos, and other player or team related information searches are still trending the charts. Not only the match highlights, any top insights into football videos like interview, sports celebrity chat shows, how-to sports videos, and more have seen a 36% increase in views year over year.

According to the Google Ipsos research on sports viewing habits, 80% of the users are found to use mobile or computer for the television broadcast of the LIVE matches and YouTube have created the platform to catch the sporting events anytime in days, months, and years. With FIFA World Cup ruling every platform, users search and spend time on various Football World Cup 2018 related video contents on YouTube.

Are you aware of the top FIFA World Cup teams or the richest players in 2018? Do you know which are the top videos related to World Cup on YouTube that are most viewed? Which brand ads, related to the FIFA World Cup were most reviewed? As the football video content is trending, here’s an infographic  below created by Filmora  that throws light on all such questions and the top insights into football videos in 2018 on YouTube.

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