Guide to Beautiful Pregnancy Photos

Choosing a maternity photographer can be a big decision. There are a number of studios that specialize in maternity and newborn photography in Sydney. Normally maternity photo shoots take place six to eight weeks before your baby is born. This means that there is little time for you to schedule another shoot if something were to go wrong.  Before you decide on your photographer these are a factors that you should consider.

Decide on Your Budget Range and Style

Prices will depend on the type of photographer you choose as well as the services that they offer. High end photographers will offer makeup and styling options and will help design artwork for your home. Low end photographers might just give you the option of buying prints. Photographers also have different styles such as modern, classic, outdoors, indoors, black and white as well as colour. You need to pick a style that suits your personality and will look good in your home. You also need to check if you want someone who specializes in maternity photo and newborn photography in Sydney, Australia or a generic photographer. A specialist will know the most flattering angles for your pregnant body.

Picking Your Maternity Photographer

You can start by looking online for specialists in maternity photography shoot. Most photographers here put their best work on their websites so you should be able to get an idea about their style and expertise.  If you do not like what you see you should move on.  Make a list of the photographers that meet your requirements and give them a call. You need to “click” with them on a personal level as this person is going to be a part of creating memories of your family that will last for a lifetime.  You also need to feel comfortable enough to be yourself around this person. Do not forget to ask for referrals. The most photographers include this on their websites. You could also ask if you can talk to older clients.

The Editing Process during a Maternity Photo shoot

With maternity photography you need to ensure that your photographer is involved in the editing process as well.  You are paying for his services so your photographer should be able to help you pick photographs that are perfect for you. He should also be able to suggest what edits and touch ups are needed to make the photos perfect.

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