Geometry Dash Meltdown: How Much Anger Can You Handle

As we played the game, we came to one important conclusion: is not normal that a game should put this rage into our bodies. Ever since we started playing games (and we have some on our backs, trust us on this one), we did not encounter such game. But we loved it! It’s almost as it was made to get into the mind of the player and make him play bad, because of the disappointment that he gets everytime he cannot finish one level. Just look at the title. It says “Meltdown”. Come on, it cannot be a coincidence.  

Challenge your friends to play, simply because it’s funny

It’s even funnier to see your friends playing it. Or people, in general. There’s YouTube for that, that’s full of videos of gamers doing walkthrough series. We must admit, Geometry Dash: Meltdown is the best one yet. Besides the fact that it’s funny, it should help you in getting through the levels successfully.

Stay away from the 2D obstacles

So the whole idea of this game is to control a character. You need to be careful at its path, as it goes from the left to the right and it’s full of 2D obstacles. If you happen to touch one obstacle, it’s over and you need to start the level again. You’ll do this several times. You may also find difficult levels on which you may need help to get through. And let’s not forget how easy it is to become angry because you lose at games. But you need to understand that it’s not the game that’s difficult. Once you understand the proper technique, you’ll be good.

Checkpoints are important if you want to survive

Each stage you’ll start with three gold coins that you’ll need to find and gather. They’re usually placedin a perilous manner in the level. On the off chance that you come up short the level, you lose the coins. You need to finish the whole level with thecoins close by keeping in mind the end goal to have them all gathered. In the event thatyou are getting baffled bythe disappointments, it’s good to keep in mind that the game also offers a training mode for each level. You’ll get regular checkpoints all the way through the game. In any case, the player can likewise include their own checkpoints and get rid of past checkpoints. In this mode, players have an unbounded number of lives, taking into account possible stage endings, paying little heed to one's aptitude.

What’s the bad part of the game?

The game’s greatest disadvantage is that there are just three levels, while the first game had twenty levels. Notwithstanding how engaging these levels are, Meltdown leaves the impression of a demo if we are to compare it with other games that improved regarding this matter. Stage 4 and the next of them are left under the “coming soon” etiquette.


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