Comparing Vintage Record Players To Modern Vinyl

Record players have been around for a very long time. A few decades ago, when cassette and other forms of music players were invented, record players went out of fashion and eventually became a collectors’ item. However, with time they are modernized and brought back to the world as turntables and simple record players. They are a great option for people that have vinyl records and for people who like mixing up live music like DJs.

A few of the most popular record players in 2018 have more than simply music player features. They can edit soundtracks and users find more play time with music in these record players. In this article, you will find a great comparison between the vintage and the new record players. We can decipher which ones are actually the best and what sort of differences can be found.


One of the biggest differences that the vintage and the new record players have is the price. If in the present time you look to buy a vintage one, you might have to spend under $300 and that too with the best deck and in working condition. However, the modern one will be about $300 for the most basic settings and you will not find much playtime with the music on something as cheap. Eventually spending about $1000 will be very easy on the modern player and it can be very expensive.

  • Best one in terms of price:

The best option in this regard is the vintage system. You may have to get an amplifier and other speakers which will increase the cost. However, with the modern system, you will have to spend double the amount of money.


The sound in these decks is not subjective and they are either good or bad. The vintage players are more heavily constructed with a noisy motor. Apart from the motor, the construction of the turntable is superior and may be able to produce better sound. The sound is also greatly affected by the stylus which can or cannot produce a muddy sense of sound. In the new players, audiophile decks are used along with particle boards, carbon, alloys, and many other different forms of metal that help in enhancing the quality of the sound. Styluses are also made with much better material and different echoes and the motor sound is not as evident. All these features make a great production of sound.

  • Best sound option:

The best option is eventually the modern player in the sound department. The vintage record player might have a better chance at producing the older vinyl but for the best quality, the modern is the one to go for.

System usage

One of the most important features for a pro or even an amateur is the ease of use of the machine. Vintage players are super easy to use. Their settings are straightforward and not complicated at all. They are ironically fully automated which means that there is not much to do except enjoy the basic settings. The newer ones have every single feature on manual mode so they are not even partially automated. You will have to lift the platter a lot and set every feature with the maximum knowledge which is not suited for amateur users.  

  • Easier to use:

Even though it should seem that the newer ones are the most convenient, they are not. The vintage record players are easier to use and much more automated.


An electronic item needs consideration for repairs at a very important scale. They are more or less likely to be broken and they will need repair at least once in their lifetime. Vintage record players are very sturdy. They are usually not broken that easy but if they do, you will find yourself being very upset. They are hard to be repaired since the parts are rarely available. The newer record players may seem fragile but they are also very sturdy as well. But the best part of it is that when they do, you can always find their parts and get them repaired.

  • Which one is fixable?

Of course, it is easier to get the newer ones fixed with their parts and everything. Even though both of them are quite tough, the newer ones will be a better option to get repaired easily.


In the following article, you can find a few of the most important aspects of the record players of the modern times and the vintage ones. The mentioned few aspects are to be considered when one decides to purchase a record player.

Even though users may find a great deal in the vintage ones, modern options are always in versatility and they are easier to repair and even resell. They are best for professional uses like for DJs and for people that are into having play time with the music.

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