From Nerd to Billionaire: How to Profit from Your Geekdom



What do Bill Gates, Stan Lee, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, George Lucas, and Bill Nye have in common? They’re all huge geeks that changed the world. Not only did they all make a major impact in our universe, but they became filthy rich in the process. Nowadays it’s a good time to be a nerd. From pop culture geeks to science whizzes, geekdoms are transforming into a way of life that can sustain you and your family for years. So, how do you take your geeky ways and transform it into cold hard cash? Check out these tips to use your geeky knowledge to find your newfound success and fortune.

Translate Your Geek into Job Skills

You most likely have a large number of passions that motivate your life. But did you know that those things can be used to land you a job? Having a geeky hobby can be a great way to stand out to interviewers or people reading your resume. Why not use your skills to make a lasting impression on hiring managers? Talk about your passions in your cover letter or highlight them in your skills section of your resume. Some of these interests can also directly translate to job-related skills and can be expressed even further in your CV. If you’re an avid video gamer, you can translate your hobby into skills such as being knowledgeable about different computing systems, mobile apps, and even video game or entertainment marketing. Take some time to think about your hobbies and how they can be used as positive attributes in the workplace.

Create a Freelance Business out of Your Geekdom

It’s always best to start a business out of something that you’re passionate about. So, take your geeky passions and become a freelancer. If you’re a video gamer, create a blog reviewing video games and eventually you might be hired by a gaming company or get paid to run ads on your site. You can also come up with your own video game and start a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money needed to fund your idea. If you’re in love with entertainment and film, become a freelance entertainment writer. You can write reviews for films or even create your own stories to sell on Amazon or any other e-reader sites. For people that love coding and computers, try your hand at freelance coding or website building. These jobs are in high-demand now and you could make a substantial profit from the get-go.

Market Yourself to the World

Once you figure out which of your passions can become a money-making business, you’ll need to learn how to market yourself. Find a way that your idea stands out from the status-quo or what is already out there in the market. You can find a niche area that you can work in, or find some gaps in the industry that you can help fix. Then, turn this niche or gap into the foundation of your marketing. Create a website that reflects your business and marketing ideas and simply show yourself off to the world. If you have a great idea that stands out from everyone else, you’ll be sure to rake in the extra cash.

Your geekiness doesn’t have to be restricted to your hobby. Take what you’re passionate about and turn it into a business. Eventually, you’ll be on the way to becoming the next Steve Jobs or George Lucas.

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